I'm trying to help a friend of one of my teenagers understand .

The teen works hard, spends to maintain "clout"- nice truck, nice clothes, but lives with unemployed parents in a less than desirable home. The teen is somewhat new to us, so I don't know how long he will be around. I've tried to explain sound money.

It's a challenge for most people to adopt a low time preference. Even saving $100 for him is a lot. The volatility will tempt him to sell on small gains or losses.

Regarding energy use.

True story, I only hang dry my clothes. I've had brand new gas LG dryer for 5 years that is disconnected and was literally only used 1 time. So, without a doubt I suggest that the world is better off hang drying clothes to use "solar" energy and dedicate our grid energy to power the Bitcoin monetary network.

It's amazing to me the amount of junk mail that is distributed to every mailbox only to be tossed in the trash. That's wasting energy.

@jessematchey tweets a based narrative on the WEF. His observations about the WEF organization's connections and objectives provoke thought.

@aarikarhodes is a teacher, Congressional candidate and Bitcoiner that will hopefully replace Brad Sherman in California.

needs to be taught to public school teachers. @libsoftictok exposes "woke" educators brainwashing students.

Non-coder job seekers that want "Bitcoin" jobs should consider substitute teaching now and teach sound $ & Bitcoin?

I've successfully orange pilled many of my closest family members. Over the years I've gently suggested to people around me to research Bitcoin. One thing I've enjoyed is hearing from those people out of the blue reaching out and asking me more, or letting me know they've discovered .

While I see there are also, no coiner "Brad Sherman" or Peter Schiff types that spite Bitcoin, I'm building confidence overtime that Bitcoin will improve our future.

Followed Lopp to Mastodon so when Bitcoiners get banned from Twitter I have a starting point.

Satoshi seemed to support and propose censorship resistant DNS with bitdns AKA Namecoin but it's Mastodon for now.


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