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Ted @esdin@mastodon.social

The year is 2024. Nobody actually uses Twitter anymore, except for hordes of bots advertising to groups of Russians who are pretending to be other people and constantly arguing with each other in broken English.

We’re in England, where Christmastime is in full swing!

Me: Is that an entire bag just for shoes?
Jenn: What?
Jenn: Don’t you dare take a picture!
Jenn: ...
Jenn: There’s a purse in there too.


There’s nothing better than a fresh sando from a Korb Torsions’ deli counter

I’m starting a new job in 2 weeks.
I am very excited.
Also I ha e no idea how my commute is going to work yet.

Tootdon for iPad is a really pretty Mastodon client.

Looking for a better Mastodon client for my iPad. Amaroq is hands-down my go-to for iPhone, but there’s no iPad layout just yet. Any recommendations?

What are some folks favorite completed webcomics?

This is also why esdin.me is and always will be a single-user instance. Because I break it at least once every two months.