Hey guys, remember that time Clickhole had more courage than the entirety of games journalism? news.clickhole.com/a-summary-o

Having an interesting night after seeing people criticize Meg Jayanth for calling out Nazis. Let’s all be unified the next time something shitty starts brewing. Thanks.

The pins for Flash Jam arrived to day! Jammy turned out really well ^_^

Chronic pain and personality, addiction, and supporting a spouse 

She says it took her a while to notice the connection. That when you constantly feel pain in your body, you start to live inside yourself, constantly aware of the pain. She said she realized she had stopped being able to understand how other people thought.

I am amazed by this transformation. I hope it continues to help her, because today she seemed genuinely happy and hopeful for the first time in a long time.

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Chronic pain and personality, addiction, and supporting a spouse 

So @jennatar hasn’t had the best relationship with alcohol, but recently, decided to start taking naltrexone, a drug which has shown promise in helping to curb your desire to drink.

One thing we didn’t realize about naltrexone is that it can significantly help manage chronic pain.

Jenn has been a different person the last few days. She has been kinder and less frustrated; she has been more empathetic.

Doctor asks me how regular my sleep schedule is. I say “pretty good. Like, 11:30pm to 7am every day”

“Every day?”

“Well not EVERY day”

Doctor holds up the printout from my CPAP machine showing a bar graph that looks like a roller coaster.

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#inktober #poisonous 2 

OK, now we're cooking

I just bought 750 bouncy balls, 480 pieces of large street chalk, 250 foam animal masks, and 280 bubble wands.

For a thing.

I’m not sure if I have enough bubble wands.

I made it through ひらがな in this Japanese course I’m taking on my phone, which means they’re throwing カタカナ and 漢字 at me now and it is much harder.

なななななななななななななななな Batman!

I’ve been sick for six days in a row now. Six. Dang. Days. But at least my doctor gave me Prescription Strength Cough Syrup to make colors brighter. Oh and stop me from coughing my head off.

The Messenger is a rad game. Lovingly made.

I know transmogrify is kinda a waste at lower levels, but I was really tired of my Worgen Warlock looking like a clown.

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