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So, I'm still feeling very sick but I'm trying my best to write through it; this *will* be re-posted later on Patreon if you hate Facebook, but in the meantime my latest is up on the dreaded BookFace:

What the mainstream liberal media misses about the real threat behind the Gaetz Gaggle stunt

Obama plays the states' rights card when arguing for the death penalty!

This case involved killing a man for child-rape.

Even the rather rw scotus got it right back then: If you kill someone for rape, what is their incentive to leave a victim alive?

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Obama opens his campaign in 2008 by praising .....

Ronald Reagan!

Why didn't grown-ups see this as a red flag?

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The Obama years: Hopefully in a better organized and more detailed manner than my twitter thread.

I'm also trying to figure out how to make this into a book that people will read.

It's been difficult to capture the energy of this thread in written format.

Maybe, Mastodon's longer format will clarify that for me.

I will redo my Obama years thread on Mastodon.

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Student in Peru makes history by writing thesis in the Incas’ language, Quechua.
Scholars say it is the first time in the university’s 468-year history that a student has written and defended a thesis (answering questions from examiners) entirely in the native language – even though it is the most widely spoken indigenous tongue in South America, used by about 8 million people, half of them in Peru.

The VP of the Bolivian tribunal decides to resign because the rest of the electoral board decided to suspend transmitting the results and he thought that discredited the process.

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This is the insidiousness of the propaganda. Washington Post claims there was a pause in the results between Sunday and Monday.

Also, opposition ghouls set ballot boxes on fire between Sunday and Monday!

Coincidence? Or were they related?

It's hard to count votes when ghouls are setting ballot boxes on fire.

Was it because Evo was running away with an outright lead?

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Washington Post seems to let only ghouls with NED funding opine.

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Compare that with what counts as a landslide in the USA:

Obama's 3% victory counts as a landslide, while Evo Morales 10% is not "legit"

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There is a difference between disagreeing with friends politically: "I support marxism vs I support anarchosyndicalism"

But, you cannot be friends with people who don't view other people as human and call for their genocide.

I'm shocked that a member of congress does not know that constitution gives congress the ability to coin money and regulate monetary policy.

This is like a doctor of 30 years not knowing where an appendix is located.

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