Announcing the all-new Librem 14

A powerful 14" laptop in a 13" footprint

- Core i7-10710U (Comet Lake) Processor, 6 cores & 12 threads
- Up to 32GB DDR4 memory
- Output 4K Video to two displays

More about the Librem 14:

#privacy #security #freedom #linux


@purism Sad to see no 4K display option, which means my next laptop refresh will probably be another XPS13. 😟 (I'm looking forward to receiving my Mini and 5 orders, though!)

@esm @purism On a mobile platform, I don't really see the advantage to a 4k display. Super crisp images, sure, but at the cost of battery life and increased CPU load. Since the L14 can drive a 4k monitor, would that be a better solution anyway? You know a little have your cake and eat it too?

@Phaserune @purism I've been using 4K screens across multiple laptops (and desktops) for quite a few years now, and every time I've tried going back to a lower resolution screen, I've hated it.

I spend a LOT of time in front of my laptop's screen, usually in locations without external screens. So, I'm willing to make a lot of sacrifices for high DPI, including a glossy screen, shorter batter runtime, and ordering from Dell. 😉

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