OK, so, I guess "federated" doesn't actually mean "can easily move my account from one instance to another" yet? :(

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@esnyder that would be a cool feature if user names were centralized, but it looks like you can have a and

@ohhoe I'm just learning about Mastadon, so pardon me if I say something dumb, but I don't care so much about having a centralized username, as much as not having to duplicate work to maintain a social network in multiple places.

Like right now, I'm mostly going around trying to find people that I followed on twitter, and following them here. For the most part, I don't care what instance they have their account on.

@esnyder true. the non-centralized aspect to it would definitely make the finding the same people from twitter difficult.

Though, I believe that federations can include other federations so you can see tweets from people on all the instances as long as the owners opt in?

@ohhoe Yeah, I'm not so worried about the "how can I find everyone again" question per se, more the, "is this platform actually going to mean my social network investment is robust against instance turnover" question.

@esnyder There is a chance frictionless portability can be built into this with backward compatibility. Well, it's technically possible, the hard part is FOSS orchestration, which is like herding cats. If it happens, it's gonna be 6 months to a year, but it's a long-term goal @ohhoe

@esnyder no, not yet. but if you understand coding maybe you can help us figure out a good way to do it :)

@maloki maybe. Do you have pointers to some higher level goal/design discussion I should read as to what's gone on so far?

@esnyder at right at this moment, but I'll boost, and we'll see who catches on :)

@esnyder not you need to create a new account at each website to get acces to the local TL. Still you can read the Federated to get all the TL combined

@Dwighthaul so, are people really treating the local TL as a useful stream?

So that what instance you are on serves as some sort of first level curation of content?

That seems... like a questionable design decision? Maybe I'm just not getting the picture yet.

@esnyder I don't really get what you want to say. Its look like that some instances will be général instances, to have a useful steam. Then some instances will be create to dedate on some topics.

@Dwighthaul I guess I'm just struggling to understand what role "instances" are designed to play in this system. What you just said makes it seem like I should think about them like "channels" on a chat system.

But that seems very at odds with how heavyweight they are (can't move account between them, and followers/followees are bound to my account on a given instance.)

@esnyder Indeed, this social media is something between a social media and a chat-IRC with channels.

For the followers issue you can transfert yours followers, via the Preferences Tab.

@Dwighthaul thanks for the link/feedback. I should probably ponder the system/implications for awhile before running my mouth off more :)

@esnyder It's ok, this social network is quite new and unique, it's a bit hard to get all the implications. And most of the things I say was just what I understood Mastodon will turn up

@esnyder What I did was go into my account settings and "export follows to csv", then imported them on the new instance. Was totally painless.

@Falkreon so, as a one time thing that's part of it. But with no way to bring your followERs, and conversational history... doesn't feel like an actual solution.

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