@aphyr it never really felt like software design patterns had much to do with Alexander. On the other hand, it's interesting to think about the aesthetics of the hidden parts of physical architecture too. Where's the life, the flourishing, in the interior of a storm drain?

I want to live in a world where we can give that kind of attention to everything... but... I'm also sometimes lazy :)

Saw Boy Erased with the 13yo last night and it kind of wrecked me. Still pondering meta questions. Who was the intended audience? How do I feel about art-as-performative-consumable-pain?

@Rebelle @Mabande i hope so. i'm having a hard time reasoning about the potential emergent properties of the whole system if it takes off.

@Rebelle @Mabande do you think the design is actual robust-against-nazis, or just that the platform is still young?

@mala @rechelon seems like RMS generation commitment to parallel construction / avoiding illegal copying was purely a strategic decision. Sort of a "don't waste your time with getting bogged down w/ lawyers and losing hearts and minds" kind of a thing.

Or am I wrong?

Trying out a new platform gives me all sorts of feels about creating an account under my given name. Trying to decide how much of what I would actually like to say I'm comfortable being publicly associated with. Maybe time for a new alter ego.

@parataxis I like that way of thinking about it. But I know how to back up my email history. Mastodon conversational/liking history... not so much.

warning: politics 

@asherwolf give it time. All us newbies are just talking about Mastadon right now, kicking tires :)

@five @timp @rauschma @rauschma@social.tchncs.de Any chance the "how" part is captured somewhere that I can read to try to catch up? Also, more general design discussion, above and beyond github.com/tootsuite/mastodon/?

@Falkreon so, as a one time thing that's part of it. But with no way to bring your followERs, and conversational history... doesn't feel like an actual solution.

@Yannicka so, you said "If a Mastodon instance closes, you just have to transfer your messages to another instance" but it doesn't look to me like that is possible right now? Did I just miss it?

@frankiesaxx as far as I can tell the 'export' options in preferences are limited to "list of who you follow" and "your block list" at the moment.

@TrollDecker@social.diskseven.com @usr_local_share that is definitely a plus!

@Dwighthaul thanks for the link/feedback. I should probably ponder the system/implications for awhile before running my mouth off more :)

I think it would be helpful for if there was more information on the implications of federation. It seems like only certain nodes can talk to each other? Others only allow certain kinds of discussion?

@Dwighthaul I guess I'm just struggling to understand what role "instances" are designed to play in this system. What you just said makes it seem like I should think about them like "channels" on a chat system.

But that seems very at odds with how heavyweight they are (can't move account between them, and followers/followees are bound to my account on a given instance.)

@ohhoe Yeah, I'm not so worried about the "how can I find everyone again" question per se, more the, "is this platform actually going to mean my social network investment is robust against instance turnover" question.

@maloki maybe. Do you have pointers to some higher level goal/design discussion I should read as to what's gone on so far?

@Dwighthaul so, are people really treating the local TL as a useful stream?

So that what instance you are on serves as some sort of first level curation of content?

That seems... like a questionable design decision? Maybe I'm just not getting the picture yet.

@ohhoe I'm just learning about Mastadon, so pardon me if I say something dumb, but I don't care so much about having a centralized username, as much as not having to duplicate work to maintain a social network in multiple places.

Like right now, I'm mostly going around trying to find people that I followed on twitter, and following them here. For the most part, I don't care what instance they have their account on.

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