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@slp The new apps are not released, yet. But once they are, we definitely plan to add it to @fdroidorg - it's part of our mission to remove all things Google. 😉

changed antix for MX Linux
antix was to hardcore for me

twitter is down, long live mastadon.

One of our users posted a nice review about Tutanota. Thanks for the heads-up! 😀 👍


1. Make an account on

2. Here's the issue list:

3. Use Github's search or sorting feature to find feature requests you like. Click the "thumbs-up" at the bottom to add your support.

4. Click "subscribe" on issues to be kept up to date.

5. If you've got something to report/request, click "New Issue". Do a quick search of open issues to make sure it's not been mentioned already.


Love that my favorite Android Masto app, #Tusky, is open source. Love the fact that #Pinafore and #Halcyon exist as alternative web UIs. Love that #Pleroma is coming along well as an alternative #ActivityPub server. Love that the sex worker community on #Switter is actively working on building open source tech that works for their use case. Love to see instances like #OpenSocialAfrica and

Y'all inspire me that this open source/free software thing may actually work out in the end. :)

En el centro de Londres, frente a una galería que expone arte moderno de , pueden verse pancartas pidiendo justicia por a un mes de su asesinato

Hello fediverse! is a free/open/nonprofit alternative to proprietary review sites like #Goodreads, #Yelp, #IMDB.

It plugs into #opendata sources: #Wikidata, #OpenLibrary and #OpenStreetMap (OSM integration is very basic at this point). Still a long way to go but we have a small community and lots of reviews already. On GitHub at: - IRC: on - Matrix:


Removed the Tweetdeck tab from my main desktop browser now.

Mastodon is now pinned.

Really feeling that some of these technologies have had their day.

Flame-War in 3...2...1....😄 😈

Leaving twitter behind as a legacy platform, being here on open platforms first and foremost:

For those who don't want to click on a twitter link:

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If you're using Google's reCAPTCHA on your website, please consider replacing it.

– reCAPTCHA spies on your users and turns them into Google slaves to train an AI algorithm.

– reCAPTCHA denies access to all Tor users.

There are alternatives. See here:

Today might be the day I delete my Windows partition. Haven't booted it in a couple months