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How do people still play Minesweeper? Like, there are so many red flags…

Holy new followers.

I totally didn’t forget I had a mastodon or anything.

Nope. Definitely not.....

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Finally hit level 10 on Neverwinter! Behold, referral link. All my ps4 friends who would like to play- if you use this link to make an account, (&link it when you start the game!) we both get a free thing.) (the whole game is free to play too- no worries!)


#neverwinter #ps4

Food+, vegan, referral link. 

I found this vegan coffee creamer (technically Keto friendly too- especially the reformulated ones!) not long ago; & convinced them I was cool enough for a referral link. I absolutely LOVE it so far. Excited for the new flavors!! I wish they had bulk packaging— but the travel size is perfect for going out to eat. Or stashing in the purse in case we make coffee at a friends house. Travels MUCH better than cashew milk. 😂

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Okay, serious question. (Y’all feel free to boost.)
Does ANYONE from LiveJournal remember ProjectUpstream or the salmon bots?


^This is all I can find. They had a website for a very short time... but that seems to be gone now though.:( It seemed so cool, I’d love to hear what they’re up to now- if anything.

I was ALL about these bots. I’m sure some of my chat transcripts are still on the Lj community. .😂😂
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God damn. Why is my whole local timeline everyone bitching about Wil Wheaton ?

Take that shit to the bird site. If you don’t like him, block him and carry on, ffs.

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Haven’t decided yet if I’m migrating everything over to @espressonist - or just keeping the obvious things over there, and keep everything else here. But, feel free to follow (or even join that instance!) that profile for more geeky stuff. But uh, fair warning. That does include Homestuck, among slightly less cringy geeky things. 😂😂 You’ve been warned.

Heard back from one of the auditions I had out- and it was a no. Possibility for smaller roles down the line though! Two more out, one ends in 5 days, the other the 31st. We’ll see how that goes!

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The scene in “MIB” where Will Smith refuses to shoot the monster pop-ups because they’re just okay dudes doing normal things really speaks to me.

First, I put the wrong instance URL .
Now a typo.

I’m glad I don’t try to pretend I’ve got my shit together . 😂😂

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So I decided, even if I get good at, or decide I like voice acting, I’m 100% not cut out for it career wise. I’m too damn impatient to wait to hear if I got it or not.😂😂 There’s a podcast I know I’ll hear back regardless of if I made it or not... and I’m still an anxious mess.😂 Good grief

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#MeToo . Asia Argento 

So because Asia Argento is facing allegations of sexual assault, #MeToo should be invalid?

WTF are these people on? Starting with the press. We did not collectively do all this emotional labour only to face this regression! #MeToo is bigger than Asia Argento who will have to answer the accusations.

Always expect mediocrity from the patriarchy.

Well. I’m officially on two instances now.
Anyone know of an iOS app that’ll support multi instances?

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replace all instances of the word 'post' in your life with 'toot'. for example. tootpunk. tootmodern. lamptoot. washington toot. first past the toot. la toote. deutsche toot. united states tootal service.

It’s gonna be slow going. And I’m not likely to 100% it... but I’m not hating it so far! Thankfully desynchronization has no penalty.

So I started Assassin’s Creed Black Flag yesterday. It’s everything I’m bad at in video games, but I’m trying anyway.😂.
I watched Matt play the Ezio story. So I’m decently caught up story wise.

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