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My new vaporwave EP 「PC LOVE LETTER」 is out now on Bandcamp!

6 original vapor waves from a car scraped off the floor of a cassette.

No pop samples were used or harmed in the making of this EP.

if you write a touhou fic this month then it's "nanoreimu". thanks

if you formed a band to play Looney Tunes music in prison, you could call it Mitochondria since you'd be the Powerhouse of the cell 

is the home timeline taking an extraordinarily long time to show up for anyone else lately, or is something broken on my end?


ladies and gentlemen this is dwango number 5

if a gargoyle worked for Google would it be

It is not butter, it's not true, it's bullshit! It is not butter, it is naahhhtt...

Oh hi Mark!

I've been permanently ruined by learning that the source image for the skybox of Knee Deep In The Dead is actually kind of pleasant

[tune of Moody Blues' "Legend of a Mind"] 🎵 Bela Lugosi's dead

oh you like doom? name three of its trilogies

record mastering is so bad nowadays that there are fans praying their favourite songs get included in the next Guitar Hero game in the hope they'll finally get a decent quality version

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