Ideas already starting to bubble with my @awhaleslantern's partner!

This is going to be interesting :-D ❤️ 🎼

@estebanm @awhaleslantern You are into that?

@eider is in doubt... she is good with the vocals but she is worried about not being good enough and stuff...

@ekaitz_zarraga @eider Yeah, I joined the previous round (I got @er1n as a partner) and it was a blast!

The third round is already closed, though :-( So @eider will have to wait for the next round. There are few vocalists I think, and few women. She should join!

Just follow @awhaleslantern and keep an eye on announcements.

@estebanm @eider @er1n @awhaleslantern Yeah they've been in contact after she released a cover of a Berri Txarrak song this week.

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