OMG, just tried Chrysalis for the first time (a configuration program for, among others, my beloved keyboard Model 01 from and it worked like a charm.

With a very simple, visual interface I could add a "mouse wheel" to the keyboard, something I had wanted since I bought the keyboard!

🤯 ⌨️ 🌈

PS: I got reminded about it by this article defending the use of Electron to write the app:

Ah! Eso tiene más explicación, el que ha hecho el programa ha sido de la propia empresa que fabrica los teclados, ¿no? . Me refiero, no ha sido por amor al arte.

@spectrumgomas Pues no lo tengo claro. _Creo_ que lo empezó Gergely Nagy, pero en GitHub está como parte de la cuenta de la empresa así que igual «adoptaron» el proyecto o algo.

¿O Gergely trabaja para ellos? No tenía esa sensación yo...

@spectrumgomas Ah, por cierto, el programa funciona en más teclados, no sólo

@estebanm "working part-time for Keyboardio" , aunque supongo que empezó por amor al arte. Y a Keyboardio está claro que le interesa multiplataforma. Si no le pagaran dudo mucho que se hubiera puesto a ver electron, aunque en lo de SVG está claro que lleva razón.

@spectrumgomas @estebanm Sorry for replying in English, I found this thread via a boost, and wanted to clear a few things up: I worked on Chrysalis and Kaleidoscope (the Keyboardio firmware) for quite a while before beginning to work for Keyboardio part-time. It was built with Electron from day one, supporting the three major OSes and multiple keyboards was also a design goal from the very beginning. Keyboardio made it possible for me to spend more time developing it, but the tech is my choice.

@algernon @spectrumgomas Cool, thanks for the reply! That was my impression, but it's good to have a confirmation.

I didn't find a way to customise the speed of the mouse through Chrysalis (is there any way? is that something that will be added at some point?) so I ended up making my own firmware (much easier than I expected!). But Chrysalis is awesome, thanks a lot for working on it!

Next is to muck around a bit with LEDs and see if I make something I like (currently using the rainbow) 🌈

@estebanm mouse speed is not configurable yet. It is a planned feature, but it will be a while before I get there. Nice to hear that editing the firmware went well!

@algernon @estebanm If It was built with Electron from day one then I was wrong. I'm sorry.

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