Music Monday! Most music you'll ever hear uses 12 notes ( However, each song will typically only use 7 or 8. The group of the specific 7 or 8 notes a song uses is the "scale", and which scale you use can change the mood of the song quite a bit. The major scale (which should sound very familiar: typically sounds bright, familiar, and happy. The minor scale ( generally sounds darker and sadder.



Something like the flamenco scale ( sounds intriguing and exotic. But how to compare them in a given song? You're in luck, because some people change songs to experiment with exactly this. For example, see how Nothing Else Matters ( sounds when switched to the major scale:


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@estebanm Oh, my dear Lord! It has a completely different mood!

It's almost like a carol :S

@ondiz Yes! Look for other similar thing on YouTube, eg. Losing my Religion in Major (, Every Breath you Take in Minor (

@estebanm @ondiz That minor version of Every Breath You Take makes it sound more like the song about a stalker.

@resetreboot @ondiz Yeah, definitely. I think it was written on purpose to have creepy lyrics but with sweet music, to make the point that many pop "love" songs are actually pretty creepy.

But anyway, yeah, the minor version is way more aligned with the lyrics.

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