Amnesty International has had a look at contact tracing apps introduced in the wake of COVID-19:

Bahrain, Kuwait and Norway have run roughshod over people’s privacy, with highly invasive surveillance tools which go far beyond what is justified in efforts to tackle COVID-19. Privacy must not be another casualty as governments rush to roll out apps.

Bahrain, Kuwait and Norway contact tracing apps a danger for privacy

Don't say we didn't warn you.

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@harald I haven't read the article yet (had it open in another tab), but :yikes:

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@Esteban Manchado Velázquez No surprises, just the same stuff we've been trying to tell them since the app was announced. But it's good to have the weight of Amnesty International on the record too. Even norwegian politicians may take notice for once.

@harald Actually I haven't been following details, so although I know people were complaining about privacy and other things, I never really understand the implications well.

@Esteban Manchado Velázquez Well it's essentially three issues:

Tracking precise location in realtime using GPS data
Using permanent identifiers for the bluetooth beacons, and having these connected with a phone number required for registering.
Storing the above data in a centralised storage location. (And using a foreign cloud provider for that storage.)

In addition it is the desicion to use a closed source development model for the app (for "security reasons", which is bullshit given how easy it is to decompile the app) and that the app has multiple purposes (contact tracing/notifications and collecting data for research) that are not separated, and you can not select which part you want to contribute to.

@harald From the AI article: "On Monday, the Norwegian government announced it would press pause on using its contact tracing app. The decision came [...] after [Amnesty] shared its findings with the Norwegian authorities"

@Esteban Manchado Velázquez Yeah, and after Datatilsynet notified them about recommending a preliminary ban on handling personal data through the app: There's no surprise that multiple organizations are working in parallel on this.
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