Just pushed some minor improvements to Music Explorer, my simple online piano to explore music theory:

I have tweaked the colours a little bit to make them more readable, and now you can specify some parameters to set initial keys, scales, and chords, like so:

If I touch the code again, I should probably make everything bigger!

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@djsundog Thanks! I hadn't touched the code in *forever*, but for an upcoming Music Monday (about intervals) I wanted people to play with the piano and see different things, and it was so much easier if I could set a scale+key on the link itself, so I figured...

@estebanm totally makes sense, and it's well done - I threw a couple gnarly chords at it and it was spot on - great work :)

@djsundog I have to admit that the theory part is not my merit!

I'm using a pretty good JS library called teoria:

It's linked from the "About" page, if you need it in the future 😄

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