Music Monday! This week, arpeggios (and note that next week it will be season finale!). I had mentioned before that chords are three or more notes played at the same time, eg. if you play E, G, and B at the same time, you are playing an E minor chord (try playing the three notes separately, and then press the "Highlight" button to play the chord):


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Now, you could think of arpeggios as "deconstructed chords", that is, playing those three notes in succession, often repeatedly, instead of at the same time. See Wikipedia for more information:

Now, listen to the beautiful main theme for The Last of Us, which features an arpeggio pretty much the whole time:

Try to play G, B, E in Music Explorer as explained in this image:


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The first arpeggiated chords are Em, E5, Esus4, Esus2 (from 0:19 to 0:22 in the song):

If you want a more advanced insight, notice how the notes E and B are common to all those chords, but the third note changes... and that third note is what constitutes the "main melody" (starts at 0:19; the notes are G ↘️ E ↗️ A ↘️ F# ↗️ G G, check on Music Explorer!):


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