How do people even buy apartments in #Oslo ? It's soooo expensive. 😢

@matt What is the price range this month? They seem to be going up still. People thought the "bubble" would pop... over 10 years ago. And prices have kept climbing 😱

@estebanm Precisely. Pre-corona I thought I had enough and was looking at places that cost around 5 million.

Turned out I was a little short.

Now I'm looking at the same sort of size place (60m sq with 2 bedrooms) and it's mostly 6 million asking price.

So now, again, I'm too short.


@matt To be clear: this is second hand, right? So the asking price is probably much lower than whatever the buyer ends up paying... 😓

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@estebanm Yepppp, its not a new build.

Basically, if I want to buy an apartment, I need to live in a shoebox.

60m2 for a family of 3 (and 2 cats) should not be too much to ask. 😆

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