Ranting about Microsoft Teams, swearing, all caps 

Had to join a Microsoft Teams meeting (first time). WHAT A SHITSHOW. WHAT THE FUCK.

I was given a link to join. When I click on it, it shows me a landing page that tells me to download the "Linux app" for "the best experience", but no option for a presumed "not best" experience on the web.

I give in and click on the link and it gives me... a WINDOWS executable, and I see no option for any other platform 馃槧


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Ranting about Microsoft Teams, swearing, all caps 

I search on the web, wondering if there's truly no way to join from a browser. And I find a Microsoft support page that says that videocalls are not supported on Firefox. So this piece of shit not only doesn't work on FF, it doesn't even *say* that it doesn't.

So I try with Chromium and sure enough, it finally loads. I kind of hate the experience, but at least it worked.


re: Ranting about Microsoft Teams, swearing, all caps 

@estebanm I can relate. When I worked with a client that used Teams, I kept a dedicated chrome lying around just for this bullshit (ended up 鈥渦pgrading鈥 to a dedicated VM later on).

For a shop where I teach, whenever I'm supposed to teach a remote class over Teams I drive over to the teaching centre where there's a dedicated computer running Windows, and a dedicated admin on-site to unfuck the inevitable bullshit that Teams brings on.

re: Ranting about Microsoft Teams, swearing, all caps 

@tadzik @estebanm a chrome dedicated to work is fine to me. years with weekly meetings, many people, screen-sharing and such, never a big problem.

using a vm just to join via "skype for business" was significantly worse

re: Ranting about Microsoft Teams, swearing, all caps 

re: Ranting about Microsoft Teams, swearing, all caps 

@jartigag @tadzik Haha, no, fortunately for me it was a one off. I have no idea when/if I'll have to use Teams again 馃槃

@Esteban Manchado Vel谩zquez I still don't understand why we put up with this crap. I tried using MS Teams myself because the previous job switched to it, but had to give up and just dropped attending meetings after that. Worked out to the best for everybody I think.

But the point is: There exists standards for video conferencing and IP telephony. We don't have to insist people use this or that client. Any client that implements the standards should work. So why are we not using those? Why are we not demanding that our service providers support the standards?

@harald Yeah, that'd be nice. But I guess no one has enough interest to build and promote clients like that, so they end up not being used by most people.

Tbh I don't mind that much having to use a given service (after all, I work at Whereby!) but the shite UI, the dark patterns, the using the videoconf as a leverage for other things, the having to install an app (mobile or desktop), and the surveillance capitalism... That I could do without. Again, why I'm fine with Whereby 馃槃

@Esteban Manchado Vel谩zquez

after all, I work at Whereby

Interesting. I used to work for Tandberg making standards based video conferencing equipment. Quite a bit more high end (and way more expensive) than the web based stuff we're stuck with today.

While I agree Whereby seems like one of the better offerings in this space, I can't see that it would be any less interesting if it offered a SIP service and an optional web based SIP client.
@harald @estebanm i asked that once, and the answer was that if the videoconference fails, and you are using an selfhosted tool like jitsi, big blue button or others, your company will look like they are somehow crappy. But if teams, skype, zoom or whatever other shit fails, well... it doesn't matter.
@Xrasl Belmont @Esteban Manchado Vel谩zquez I'm not talking about a selfhosted tool. You may well use a commercial SIP provider, but the point of having standards is that we can talk to each other without everybody having to use the same client. Imagine if you could only talk to other people having the same brand of phone that you have? We would never accept that (yet), but that's exactly what we accept with software communcations solutions.

I don't selfhost my phone service, but I can still use whichever client I want to. And so can everybody else. And still we can talk to each other!

There's no reason we can't have the same with software solutions, in fact much of the standards used are the very same.
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