Just finished watching @Hbomberguy's video about Pathologic, the weird, cult Russian video game:

Fascinating stuff, and I'm happy I got (to hear about) the good things in that game, because that certainly sounds like the kind of game I'd never, ever have the time or patience to play... but I loved hearing about it.

Also, shout out to whoever decided to call the trophy for finding a certain amulet belonging to a queen "Yas Queen"

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Finished Uncharted: Lost Legacy. What a great game (pity it's so short!). And with that I have played through every single Uncharted game available for the PS4.

Now, to finish Wolfenstein II, then Tomb Raider, and then The Last of Us. And The Order 1886 at some point in between.

PS4 games, no spoilers or anything 

Just finished Journey (pretty cool, especially the last quarter or so), and briefly started Flower (very nice and intriguing start) and Uncharted: Legacy (sooo good!). Happy camper.

I finished Shadow of the Colossus for PS4 (twice, in fact), after having of course played through the PS2 back in the day.

What a gorgeous, fantastic game. I was curious about how the graphics compared between versions, and there's a trailer showing just that. It's just... unreal how much difference there is even to the PS3 remaster. Look at that incredible lighting in PS4!

CW for videogame violence (against weird creatures, somewhat animal/humanoid-like).


Light videogame rant, company acquisition, Microsoft being... Microsoft 

Bah, I was wondering why Hellblade 2 was only announced for X Box and Windows, when the first part was also for PS4 and Switch.

Turns out Microsoft had bought Ninja Theory, the studio that made the game, and... I guess they want to have exclusivity. It _could_ be that other platforms will be announced later, but... I doubt it. Damn, Microsoft, why do you have to ruin good things.

Videogame fantasy violence (pictures) 

Some examples of the photo mode used in Shadow of the Colossus. The third one is the violent one, the rest are pretty safe.

I love that many games have a "camera mode" that allows you not just to take a screenshot of the action (so many modern games are _so_ pretty), but to essentially freeze the action and allow you to take a picture from whatever point in the scene (not exactly, but you can move the camera, to an extent, and change zoom, effects, and other things).

Today I finished Hellblade. What a great game and representation of psychosis (I cannot say that from experience, though!). So beautiful and creepy.

I was a bit disappointed with the mechanics in the beginning, but it kept getting better and I loved most of the game. The ending was very, very good, too, including a couple of things that I don't know if they can be considered plot twists, but they certainly completed the story.

A taste: youtu.be/xb-RH2b8ac4

Video game fanboyism 

Now I'll keep going with Hellblade (which I'm liking a lot) and Shadow of the Colossus (I'm just replaying it on PS4 with better graphics; it is one of my favourite games ever). The latter I'm playing on Hard mode, so it's not just going through the motions I already know. And... yeah, it _is_ clearly harder than what I'm used to. It's kind of fun!

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Video game fanboyism (Uncharted 4) 

Today I finally finished Uncharted 4. Wow. Just wow. The writing and the characters are amazing, the gameplay is so good and satisfying, the humour is really on point, many scenes are really poignant, and the graphics are just fantastic (some of the screenshots I took look like photographs).

Absolutely recommended. It completely deserves being the best selling PS4 game ever. DAMN.

I wonder if this is now my favourite game ever.


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