#Inkscape is proud to release versions 0.92.4 & 1.0 alpha of its free, professional vector graphics editor! Available now for Linux and Windows 32/64 here: inkscape.org/release/ #FLOSS #collaboration

I just published my post about making lyric videos with Aegisub, kdenlive, ffmpeg, and some quick & dirty script I wrote:


See the end of the post for a simplification of the workflow that you should probably use, if you want to try this for yourself!

Thanks again to @luka for the idea /cc @jartigag

Seriouspost to other dudes--

One way to help trans people is being socially open with your own emotions. Talking about how things make you feel, or when things hurt you, really helps trans guys feel normal.

I really struggle a lot with feeling not-really-a-guy because something hurt me. You all being open is a reassuring example sometimes. 🙏🏼

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With sadness we decided that we are going to shut down Forgotten Key, the game studio I have been running for 7 years.

Read more here: medium.com/@Krumbukt/forgotten

We have released a few demos on itch.io and such (can be found in the link).

Boost to your hearts content, it might give some talented devs a new job.

#gamedev #indiegame #games

Admittedly, I found it quite hard to explain triplets in words, so if you think that sounds complicated, most toots are more similar to the one with the pre-chorus.

More examples:

* Modulation: mastodon.social/@estebanm/1008
* Dynamics: mastodon.social/@estebanm/1008

If you like them, fav and/or boost! I never know how many people read/listen or enjoy them!

BTW, for those of you in a different time zone or whatever, every Monday at 10:00 (European time) I post a toot, which is a song and an explanation of something cool in it (sometimes it's a music theory concept; sometimes something I think sounds nice, which often it's a "trick" used in many other songs).

Today I posted a song to explain the concept of "triplet" (mastodon.social/@estebanm/1014), a couple of weeks ago I posted an example of "pre-chorus" (mastodon.social/@estebanm/1010), etc.

After fiddling a bit with some home-made scripts and Aegisub, I managed to create a relatively easy workflow to make lyric videos (needs Linux, command-line, and editing text files, so it's totally for nerds). Anyway, the results are uploaded to Vimeo now:


If anyone is curious about the code or the workflow, I'll happily share (I might write a blog post at some point anyway).

Thanks a bunch to @luka for the idea of using ffmpeg to burn subtitles into the video!

Listen to the example, comparing to the drums, which always play quarter notes (normal: music.hcoder.org/music-monday/; slow: music.hcoder.org/music-monday/): first is the original melody, then a melody without triplets (note that not all 6 notes measure the same in time), and finally a simplified melody with only 4 notes instead of 6. If it's any clearer, you can look at the sheet music in PDF: music.hcoder.org/music-monday

Music Monday! Today we have an example of triplets (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tuplet). Listen to the melody of the voice at 1:10 (triplet 1: "came-ras we're"; triplet 2: "low-er-ing"): youtube.com/watch?v=JXnNghlO3k

What does this mean? Normally, how much a note measures (in time) is half, one quarter, one eighth, etc. However, in triplets, three notes (not two, or four) are sung in the same space as one.

(Read the next toot for an example that will hopefully clarify the idea)

@luka I have a first, kind of rough version:

It needs to run a couple of very dirty scripts in a concrete order, but it's acceptable I think. I'm not going to create that many of these...

@luka Excellent, I think it will work! ffmpeg supports .ass subtitles, so you can even tweak the font, colour, and probably position?

And it's a much more elegant solution than the one I had thought of 😅

Thanks again, I'll play a bit more with it next week and try to make my first lyric video 😁

Maybe the desychronisation happened when I turned the GIF made by ImageMagick into an MP4 video, using ffmpeg.

So maybe the only thing to solve here is how to do that conversion reliably.

Random question: anyone has any experience, or at least ideas, on how to make a lyric video for a song without much effort? That works on Linux, that is.

I guess the idea is specifying lyrics and timestamps, and let something make the visual part for the video.

A long time ago I experimented with ImageMagick and some shell scripts I wrote, but the timing is extremely unreliable and the resulting GIF is not really well synchronised (my idea was to convert it to video, then add the actual song).

@ekaitz_zarraga @grainloom well, Python was never a "functional language". Like many other languages, they use ideas from FP, but don't embrace everything.

Actually, Clojure doesn't have it either! Because of JVM stuff. That's (one of?) the reason why you have "recur".

@ekaitz_zarraga @grainloom That rings a bell. I think he wanted to keep the stack intact to ease debugging or something.

But maybe other Python implementations have it?

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