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I was going to share an amazing picture I took of a ski track but... uploading images doesn't work for me.


Wow, TIL:

npm completion >> ~/.bash_profile

Now you have "npm run" autocompletions. 😳

idea: video editing software, but it doesnt crash each time you press a button

@federicomena ¿Resolviste el problema de PHP7 y nextcloud? Estoy instalando un servidor nuevo y me acabo de dar cuenta de que Stretch sólo tiene PHP7 :-S

Sinistro's latest album is pretty amazing, as the previous:

Looking forward to seeing them live again later this year!

Some things that amazing proprietary software gets right:

* Deep domain knowledge.

* Special cases match real world special cases.

* Compatible with real-world workflows.

* Compatible with real-world concerns.

I think we sometimes fall into a hubris trap similar to "but all science is math anyway". Domain-specific knowledge of real world tools is messy and full of idiosyncrasies, but the real world is like that.

We're at 21 sign-ups for the #MusicCollab!

I will probably close sign-ups if/when we reach 30 people, but if you still want to join, here's the link to more info and the sign-up form:

:music_collab: 💡 🎼

Once again, we're putting out the call for diverse sci-fi writers that are:
- Disabled
- First Nations
- Marginalised sexes, genders, & identities
- Neurodivergent
- Scientists (research & comms)

New or established, we want your micro-scifi based on real science! Want to know more? We've written some thorough submission guidelines for this year, so go take a look!

#MicroFiction #tootfic #smallstories

Spread the word: the FSF tech team needs spring interns! As an intern, you work closely with FSF staff members in your area of interest, such as network administration, GNU Project support, or Web development. Apply by January 19!

We already have 14 sign-ups for the #MusicCollab! So much potential for cool random collaborations 😊🎼
If you are a musician of any kind and would like to try collaborating with someone else, sign up here:

There are no restrictions in terms of genre, only your openness to work with someone who might come from a very different musical background than you counts!

#music #creativetoots #mastomusic #collab

If you can, helping support Hypatia Software Organization would be cool. They help people who suffer from transmisogyny get work and learn.

Boosts are super good too. >^<

Thanks so much to @kensanata for building It's been invaluable when I need to go back and see what the hell I said about something months ago. 👍🏻

"You've been chosen," the spirit said.
"Save the world, make it kinder, cleaner, safer."
"We chose everyone."

Is there a word for the effect where things in a language you're still learning sound deep because you don't recognize the clichés yet?

(The pop music experience of kids whose first language isn't English is deeply colored by this.)

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