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@Are0h How I like to think about it:

The world is full of people trying to make you feel insecure and to make you not like how you look or whatever, all so they can sell you stuff

So, liking your own appearance is an act of rebellion

Everyone showed up to my orgy wearing masquerade masks even though I specifically told them not to. Who thinks this is appropriate for an orgy?

Full-time work is a tricky thing, because you have to drink coffee to wake up, but you want to be careful to only wake up the like 5% of your brain needed for the job otherwise the rest of the brain will rebel.

Raccoons who steal food from dog bowls are braver than the troops.

Gwenyth Paltrow will obtain superpowers when a special polished stone she swallows aligns all her chakras at once, synchronizing her to the Creative Force of the Universe. Then you'll wish you'd read her coffee enema newsletter.

My dog looked at me and smiled and I hugged him, and he looked at me and smiled and I hugged him, and he looked at me...

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send anxiety into the sky then into the void of space and then to jupiters storm where it cant hurt anyone anymore

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"Golly, Mr Stark, I don't feel so good. Huh huh."

Hey give yourself some credit for what you're accomplishing right now with your life. Yeah, you can always imagine how you could do better, but don't be down on yourself.

We spent all this time thinking about what if Disney have movie rights to X-Man, we weren't even thinking Disney would also control Homer's Simpon.

She's got Betty Davis eyes.
::Looks at shelf lined with jars full of eyeballs::
But how did she get so many of them?

Doctor Who and the Hydrogenated Oils, part 1 of 4

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I feel like as a child of the '80s I really missed out on a time when the rich actually contributed something.

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Going to see Rampage tonight, so here's the character select screen for Rampage World Tour!

Great band name: "(Band leader's name) and the Industrially Compostables"

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