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Do I have it in my tonight to listen to The Cure and draw pictures of pretty ladies?

The conglomeration of all universes is a big place. Huge, you might even say.

My one, mandatory bitcoin toot is out of the way, so thus ends my probationary period on Mastodon.

What if comedian Mitch Hedberg was still around? "I saw a guy buy a donut and try to pay for it in BitCoin. It's one donut, dude. We don't need to get volatile cryptocurrencies involved in this transaction."

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I love that videos where people talk about how are SO DUMB for not just building their own computers is always like "Now I've been building computers for only 15 years and I can build one in 2 hours with only five cuts on my hand, so IT'S JUST THAT EASY and takes no time at all"

Was Tom Petty Sporty Wilbury or Baby Wilbury?

I got an Amazon Fire 8 HD recently, and I'm liking it so far. Funny, though, that it only really achieves its full potential when you side-load the Google Play Store, which Amazon prefers you wouldn't do.

Luckily, it's pretty easy to look up how to do this, and it doesn't involve having to root the device.

I remember when I first started getting into comics it was kind of confusing when cowboys or talking gorillas would show up in a DC comic seemingly out of nowhere. Now it feels like a pretty natural, normal thing.

I like burritos. They're like... little burros.

I'll just assume it's a boxy little minecraft guy, hacking away at some blocky dirt and rock with his little pickaxe.

I often wonder how they "mine" bitcoins. I wonder this, but I don't bother trying to look it up, because I feel the answer would either bore me to death or fill me with rage.

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"Facebook has created a centrally designed internet. It’s a lamer, shittier looking internet. It’s just not as cool as an internet that is a big, chaotic space filled with tons of independently operating websites who are able to make a living because they make something cool that people want to see." - Matt Klinman, Funny Or Die

It stands to reason that God is gigantic, and a woman, and probably some sort of insect beast.

I suppose I still believe in Mothra, when it comes right down to it.

Hey, here's to all those fierce ladies out there who were warned and given an explanation and whatnot and nevertheless persisted.

I have a tablet on the way and I'm kinda stupid excited about it. Maybe I'll pair it with a bluetooth keyboard and when someone's like "that's a neat computer" I can be all "derrrrrr what's a computer?"

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Still very proud to have made it official Marvel canon that there's a team called the New York Meh.

Hey, we all know that familiar feeling when we're nailing a bunch of boards over a door at comically high speed, and then the rabbit we were trying to keep out of the house taps us on the shoulder and asks, "What's up, doc?"

Man, this playlist is so nice. I'm listening to these chill beats and I am the brown ponytail girl hard at work... or I'm the cat.

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