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She's got Betty Davis eyes.
::Looks at shelf lined with jars full of eyeballs::
But how did she get so many of them?

Doctor Who and the Hydrogenated Oils, part 1 of 4

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I feel like as a child of the '80s I really missed out on a time when the rich actually contributed something.

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Going to see Rampage tonight, so here's the character select screen for Rampage World Tour!

Great band name: "(Band leader's name) and the Industrially Compostables"

Puppy update: went for a short pre-run jog and got the dog to trot along next to me pretty nicely the other day. Only occasional veering off to sniff at things.

Y'ever notice that it's a funny, ol' world?

My son this morning, to my wife and I: "Do you guys use Facebook?"
"Man, you guys got *screwed*."

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Doctor Who and the Talons of Shrek

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A student contacted me because their school requires them to cast about & find a working artist w/ the expertise to guide their project & give feedback.

Dear art schools: that's called "a teacher." You are charging those exorbitant fees so you can pay people to do that that.

Those early Simpsons shorts where Homer sounds like a blue collar Richard Nixon.

Supergirl is back with new episodes next Monday, the 16th. ::sigh of relief::

Doctor Who and the Mitten of Jupiter

Doctor Who and the Fountains of Wayne

Doctor Who and the Tex Arcana

Ever wonder why a famous comedian keeps working so hard so long after making their huge success? Well, they need to buy a giant garage to store all their garages in. That isn't cheap. You really need to double-garage your Lambos.

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Swamp Thing sketch at for! #eccc #eccc2018