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Doctor Who was right in saying, "How did boredom ever get invented?" I have so many projects I'd like to do and books I'd like to read. Hard to imagine I'd ever be without ideas for things to do.

Not that inactivity isn't also important. Sometimes you gotta force yourself to do nothing in order for your thoughts to slow down and sort themselves out.

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Digital? Traditional? Got me a setup so that I can do both 😉

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I like how /r/tolkienfans is basically /r/AskHistorians for LoTR. I'm hooked on that shit. Learning about how dwarves initially didn't have souls because of a god's fuckup was wild.

* Names have been changed to protect the innocent.

It really makes me appreciate my own kid and all his quirks and idiosyncrasies when I think about the level of "that boy ain't right" that some other kids have going on.

My son this morning: "Oh, no. We're rehearsing for a music concert today so we won't have P.E. And I have to sit next to Bradley, who smells terrible the whole time and talks about cocaine."

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I really dig Infamous Iron Man. Looks like after volume 2 the story stops being it's own title and just becomes part of Regular Iron Man.

Sorted through a bunch of single comics issues and put them in boxes today, so they wouldn't be everywhere in the house making me feel like I'm going to be buried to death. I need to repent and stop buying floppies. TPBs so much more fun to read, less stressful to have around.

Movie Trailer Voice: "Ed Norton is starting a daycare.... for dogs??? (record scratch)"

Doctor Who fan: "Trump made a Davros speech? Yeah, that seems pretty in-character."
Other person: "No, it's Davos."
Doctor Who fan: "Huh?"

I love the fact that the B52s still hang out together and post pictures of it on social media.

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i want people... to be able to lie about in the sun if they wish

and do nothing at all