BREAKING: Keystone pipeline shut down after oil leak (5,000 barrels' worth) discovered in South Dakota.

(but WHO could have FORESEEN such a thing HAPPENING?)

Hello! I'm Chan, an NB freelance cartoonist, illustrator, designer. I make comics, but most folks will likely see sketches, doodles, product design, and illustrations.



Hallo. Illustrator from the Eastern North American coast here.

I work on things in watercolors, ink, digital, sometimes linocuts and etchings.

Children's stories, SF, and fantasy are my jams. So come and share this jam with me.

twitter: @etchlings

I'm also a graphic designer, but that's a dayjob.

Pluviophile lives with 2 cats and my partner @magneticcrow

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So that's a brief synopsis of some illustrations from the past years. Hello hello again, fellow new people. Evan Jensen here. Artist and pluviophile.


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