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🌼 hello friends!!

we have made a free twine game. it's the first in a series of anti-capitalist fantasy games!!

features include:
- weird birds!
- a spooky forest!
- kids caring for each other!
- not a single straight person in sight!!

2 characters, 4 endings, 5.4k words, many feelings

you can play it here:

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hey, folks!! we're a five-headmate DID system.

im (🌼) the host, ethan. im nb, some kind of gay, very disabled, and extremely small. i like games and books, especially if they’re gentle. i write poetry and fanfic sometimes.

im married to this nerd (🌿), and these punks (πŸŽπŸ™πŸŒˆ) are my children!! you’ll hear from them sometimes. the kids are usually off exploring caves and making friends with sea serpents, though.

be safe out there!!

🌼 hey if i move instances will my long term mutuals follow me on my new account

.social,, is not my favorite place 2 be

🌼 me, pulling myself over my daily word goal: i like writing i swear

🌼 AnyWay im talkin 2 much so im gonna go type away @ my daily word count

sui, joking 

🌼 honestly middlemarch should've caught on more

(1) b/c it's a gr8 novel

(2) the meme potential is Incredible

🌈 tea is v good. so are cute drawwwwings. and the sky!!!!

(🌼 everything takes time, especially making things, especially becoming yourself!!!! i have so very much to become!!!!!)

(🌼 gonna make so many small games!!!! gonna write so many dark poems!!!!!!!! gonna sing so many gentle songs!!)

i love being queer. i love being trans and bi and existing in a world that so many people have no idea exists. It feels like when you are playing a video game and the map changes into like a dream version or something, like in Link to the Past. We walk around in the same physical space, but a completely different life, a different world. i love it #dirtTour

i love how the postmodernist period, whose name literally means "after now", started forty years ago

Opinions on students and academia... 

🎐 as you can see i have a wide variety of interests

🌼 i hit....2k words and now i am Done

🌿 time for games?

🌼 mm yeah!

🎐 n i c e

i recommend taking two steps back from your monitor, firing up the utopian imagination, and picturing something much better than we have now

🌼 im. writing a cnf piece abt multiplicity for the first time Ever

(and then i'll. send it to places?? and those places might p u b l i sh it??)

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