.@atpfm@twitter.com discussing WWDC lunch😂
overcast.fm/+R7DXtedXU/1:36:09 Somehow this year the lunchboxes are a little better IMO.

一行 SwiftUI 沒寫過,但影片看完好像這些都懂了👍 Thank you @twostraws@twitter.com @state@twitter.com @ObjectBinding@twitter.com @EnvironmentObject youtube.com/watch?v=wml-9yvY_M

tvOS 13 + DualShock 4 + Steam Link, the 2019 way to play games 🤪🤪🤪

By the time Xcode 11 officially released we can use it. But during the beta-period what I care more is to make sure my apps work fine on the new system using current SDK. I want to run/debug my app built with iOS 12 SDK, on iOS 13 devices to check compatibility. rdar://FB6161264

📺 這邊有業界少有的 tvOS 開發經驗
✈️ 不保證能去 WWDC,但公司送我去四次了
👩🏻‍💻 團隊目前還沒有女工程師,歡迎高手
🗣 我會帶/要你寫技術分享文章或投稿到 @CocoaHeads_TPE@twitter.com @theiPlayground@twitter.com
😂 抱歉,上述內容都是真的,只是我們目前沒有缺。先寫下來或許用得上

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🤝 可以來當我同事(廢話)。一起學習,絕不孤單
👀 我會 review 你的 code
💩 有機會要改我以前寫的
🏃‍♂️ 不過都緊跟到 Swift 5 了應該還好
🤯 團隊內不定期有 TDD、SwiftUI 或一些有的沒有的 workshop

My favorite app on iOS 13: Feedback Assistant🥰. Collecting sysdiagnose automatically is a big win in terms of feedback motivation💪. No need to fill-in environments♻️. The forms help to narrow down the area of certain issue🎯. So far I've filed 10+ feedbacks since .

重點其實不在於怎麼裝 beta,而是趁早試出 bug 趁早回報官方。據說超過 beta 3 才報就來不及今年修囉😂

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今晚在 @CocoaHeads_TPE@twitter.com 分享的⚡️talk—Install All the Betas ☠️ speakerdeck.com/ethanhuang13/i

個人感覺 @onevcat@twitter.com 中文文章的深入淺出,就等同於 @NSHipster@twitter.com 在英文世界的地位啊👍👍👍


回國前在機場買了 Sony WH-1000XM3🎧。目前遇到的壞處是1. 同事們一直跟我借去聽,然後說要買💸 2. MBP 鍵盤聽不到,不太確定打字有沒有按到,要解決這個問題可能得買個機械鍵盤才行⌨️ 3. 降噪效果似乎在拉了一些戴 QC35 II 同事的仇恨值🤪

Universal Links Debugging on iOS 13。因為 sysdiagnose 有 logs 了,所以比以前簡單一些 ios13.dev/universal-links-debu

iOS 13 用了一週,感覺 Face ID 的解鎖速度應該超過 Touch ID。還有各種順到不行的 UI 操作。蘋果到底是怎麼做到的!UIKit / Core Animation 底層是整個用 Metal 重寫了嗎?

Like or retweet if you plan to write/rewrite watchOS 6 apps⌚️ with SwiftUI 😉

This is my 4th and the best WWDC🤯 Thanks for Apple and friends around the globe❤️ And my company CATCHPLAY for paying all expenses💸 See you next year if we are lucky enough😉

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