wait how do you get verified on mastodon

is there a way to block bots somehow? 😔
i really don't like having my tl filled by useless mirror, rt, meme bots etc

cantonese rice but it's actually pasta

eti boosted

fuck i didn't mean to mark this as sensitive content
sorry for accidental click bait

i'm thinking of using the 3d printer at my school to print some of these 🤔

also where do i get xanax legally in france

how do you even start a conversation with a random person online

i guess at least we got desktop threads back on /g/ now

growing really tired of those tasteless i3 desktops

I have yet to find cool people to follow though
Can anyone drop me some recommendations of good accounts?
Or is there an 'explore' feature I missed?

guess I'll just share what I think here even though most of the stuff I like is on twitter
hopefully people will move here as time passes

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