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@piecritic I think it has something to do with which time zone my brain is operating in at the time 😜

@piecritic hahahah I was waiting for *someone* to bring this up

@piecritic I know the feel I have a bunch of sad neglected projects now thanks to Amaroq sustainment XD

@piecritic the issue isn't so much App Store turnaround (honestly I should have never even brought this part of it up, it's gathered too much focus on the point I was trying to make - App Store reviews are quicker than they've ever been in past years) as much as it is coordination with all the different volunteer translators - who all have busy lives of their own πŸ˜‰

But all of what you're providing will make this an easier process overall (especially the hot updating), which helps that dilemma

@bunnyhero I'm not certain this would go well with certain elements that are clearly mobile-centered but if you want to start it up I'll try to make myself available to assist in wrangling it πŸ’•

@piecritic this is going to make things sooooo much easier for myself and the wonderful translators who have been putting up with my shitty xliffs πŸ˜‚

Thank you so much!!

We can build this dream together
Howl all night forever
Nothing’s gonna stop awoo now~

@Curator @b_cavello yeah that's the handling I thought I added, to discard in the event that it would go over. A max link limit sounds problematic... unless there's plans to I dunno tinyurl it or something

Take on me (take on me)
Take me on (take on me)
I’ll be gone in a day or awoo~

@b_cavello @ghost hmmmmmmm this is strange, I thought I added handling to account for the image url characters - it was supposed to simply discard the urls if it encountered a situation where it would overrun. I'll take a second pass on it. Thanks for your research into this!

@Siva_Machina @cigazze I mean I understand that's part of the whole Gorillaz project and the collabs are good! But Humanz has but one solely Gorillaz song (I don't count the interludes) and this made me a bit sadfaec

@Siva_Machina @cigazze well yeah, but they weren't so numerous, maybe I'm misremembering

@cigazze I like it, but I wish there were more songs without collabs, even though this seems to be a theme since plastic beach

Today is #FreeRadical's 3 week anniversary! We joined a network with 250 other instances and 100K users. Today there are 1,541 instances and 540K users.

This is a wild ride, friends!


1) I implemented this on the notifications screen and I keep asking myself why I haven't extended this to boosts elsewhere

2) The first iteration of autocomplete will likely be exactly this πŸ‘Œ