a dog is allowed to do crimes. even if you want to stop a dog from doing crimes, you can’t

when you type in a url, remember that the www stands for "woof woof woof"

These new usb thumb drives are silly

hey folks, its september, you know what that means Show more

Even knee deep in discourse, Mastodon is still better than 30 seconds of twitter

clerk: find everything alright?

speedrunner: once i found the cereal, i did a backwards longjump against the flour section, which caused a byte overflow and allowed me to obtain the eggs early in aisle 4

clerk: please stop shopping here

Good god v2.5.0rc1 converts webm to mp4 mastodon’s iOS users thank you 👌💯

Mastodon v2.5.0rc1 (release candidate) is out for those who want to test it:


Improvements include:

- New profiles
- MySpace Top 8 (not really)
- Remote interactions for toots
- Federation relays
- Admin dashboard
- tootctl command-line interface
- and more! :toot:

Some pachyderms I made for @Tusky :3

They're licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

You can get the SVGs from: github.com/tuskyapp/artwork

#art #illustration #mastoart

Hey fediverse, general nap time. You're all allowed to take a nap right now if you want to

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