A fix for v2 instances (login no longer functioning) likely won’t be coming for some time for , but thankfully since Amaroq’s release there have been many other iOS apps popping up out there! Tootdon is the alternative I’ll be using for now. I’ll let you all know when Amaroq will be returning, but for all intents and purposes my goals of having a mobile solution for Mastodon are realized with so many alternatives now!

@eurasierboy my only disappointment is that while Amaroq is out I don’t have my precious Awoo Mode. 😔

@eurasierboy Thanks so much for making Amaroq when we needed it most.

I've also been using Tootdon and it's been pretty good, though I was a little mortified today when I found out it didn't carry CWs over to replies. 😥

@eurasierboy I'm like super sorry that I seem to have broken Amaroq but I am really confused as to why you would rely on POST /oauth/token redirecting to /auth/sign_in...

@Gargron allowed Amaroq to maintain a login through the website, allowing the app to directly access the account settings and edit profile back when there was no API available for those, instead of punting the user off to safari, or need an additional login. I used it because at the time because that’s what it was documented to do 🙃

I’m not in any way requesting that this be reverted (I admit it was rather hacky to rely on), I just don’t have time right now to conform to the v2 RC.

@Gargron it’s been an absolute pleasure working on the platform, and look forward to the future!

@eurasierboy hey not sure if you know about it, but it's really easy to implement the retrieval of the access token through SFAuthenticatedSession in iOS 11 (so that could be a quick fix for the 40 odd % who updated)

@eurasierboy Thanks so much for all your hard work on Amaroq - I’ve really appreciated it!

@eurasierboy Thank you for Amaroq, it's been a great app!

@eurasierboy thanks for the great app and for making the source available! i'm actually mucking with the source now but i get "IB Designables" errors when opening Main.storyboard. it still builds & runs, but it the storyboard doesn't visually update if i edit anything on it? any ideas off the top of your head (only if you have the time of course)? thanks!!

@eurasierboy *sniff*... Thanks a lot for the awesome work on #Amaroq! I have the feeling I have been using it like since forever and will miss the familiar feeling! It's one of the best working apps on my phone.

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