for Mastodon v1.1.6 update: now with Mastodon v2 instance support! Logins should no longer fail on instances running the latest release. Also squeezed in there is support for simplified Chinese. :3 As always it can take time for the update to propagate to the store so a tiny bit more patience to those who have been awaiting this fix. x3


And let me just clarify one thing real quick cause I’m not really sure why it became a thing other than I was suggesting looking elsewhere while Amaroq was in limbo:

I have no plans to discontinue Amaroq currently. I’m just a very busy floof who only has a bit of free time here and there, and I won’t hesitate to point this wonderful community in another direction when I’m unable to fix a problem overnight. I have many plans for Amaroq, but paying the bills comes first x3

@eurasierboy good to know! i was under the impression you were too much occupied by other things for the foreseeable future. i do like that amaroq respects the size of the human finger

@eurasierboy That’s very wise of you. So many great OSS maintainers burn out entirely. Amaroq is great!

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