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"We are surrounded by insurmountable opportunities." ~ B Mollison

up to my usual trash hacking hijinks, practicing building a new world from the ruins of the old

been playing with a big pile of broken-up parking-lot concrete waste chunks free from a nearby construction site and it stacks together nicely I think


Everyone knows the bog witches and their damp cauldrons, positioned over smokey peat fires, potions that go down thick with a mossy tickle in the back of the throat.

But what of the desert witches, with their cauldrons that resemble sandboxes, big enough to recline in, or bury one's self to hide from the unblinking sun? A stray peaked hat on the ground could indicate a submerged witch, awaiting nightfall.

Or ponder the arctic witches with their... snow... and stuff. Okay, we couldn't be bothered to visit them, it's too cold. That chapter's really short.

possibly part of the problem is that there even is an 'in charge of everything' position

also the 'destroy everything' machines, maybe we could turn those off?

tag yourself. Release yourself back into the wild. Track your moments over the seasons.


The Oil of Nabgaranth - Drawn from the depths beneath the Lost City of Xxn, this oil coats your skin in a silky layer of luxuriance. As a kicky extra, it'll also give you the perfect beach body once the tentacles finish growing in and stop aching! Surf's up!

Product 18 - We signed a non-disclosure agreement so we can't say much, but our lawyers have informed us that we must say, in this public forum, that this oil is essential.

S-oil - We mean "soil." For agriculture. Just wanted to end the list with a fun little joke. But seriously, if we lose our topsoil, we've lost everything. You can't eat sand.

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You are part of a company that terraforms inhabitable planets to become suitable for civilian living. On a mission to terraform a frozen planet, you unleash an extreme evil that was trapped for eons.

many yaks were shaved to bring you this technical architecture

In "How We Become The Social Safety Net: Human Fractals and Decentralized Alternatives to a UBI" Max Borders discusses the idea of a Distributed Income Support Cooperatives (DISC) as a voluntary, permissionless, decentralized way of coordinating mutual aid.

Hi Mastadon!! Sorry for the silence, been real slow making personal art. Here's a thing from a couple months ago

As for other new discoveries, I'd been wanting to find a coffeetree (Gymnocladus dioicus) for YEARS and managed to stumble upon this seedpod on a trail I've walked many times before- funny how that works. I was taken aback by the fact that these pods are hard as a ROCK compared to honeylocust pods, not at all what I was expecting.

#botany #nativespecies #trees #seeds #biology #plants

Yesterday I shipped some prints. If you need art for your walls take a look at my stuff :):

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you, tired, foolish: "how do we get more people to join mastodon????"

me, a social media guru, not you: Show Them The Shoebills

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Don't forget to hydrate yourself !

Not only lack of hydratation leads to headaches and belly aching, but it can also affect your mood indirectly ! Go drink a glass of water, can't hurt much !

Follow the :eo_hedgehog: example ! Its flowers blossoms thanks to water.

Since I haven't posted any "Through the Green Door" here, I'll make a thread. Since there's a lot. #mastoart #conceptart

Reminds me of the 10 Bulls of Zen but I like the idea of the water buffalo leading and helping the person more than the esoteric flute player directing the bull. @evanarchitective