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arachnid allies materialize majestically,
weaving whimsically practical fractally factual actual webs,
spectacular silky spirals specifically


I laid out a whole bunch and then hit them all with a flat white spray paint. Then I've been using fine-tip permanent markers to draw in color on top of that base coat.

"There are two common ways to engage with ideas. The first is to treat them as models for the world, ideally providing us with greater accuracy or understanding and thus agency in our choices. The second is to view ideas exclusively in terms of their effects upon people and their relationships with one another." - @rechelon

Social Movements and the Sacrifice of Epistemic Rationality

'"So it was like a thunderclap when in the nineteenth century someone finally declared that “Anarchy is order, government is civil war” and a movement promptly grew like wildfire.'

"As the old saying goes we don’t want bread or even the bakery, we want the stars too."

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the destiny of Earthseed is to take root among the stars.

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its been some time since i started workin on this but i finally finished him!
(trying this upload again)

#pokemon #digitalart

@yams_gamgee @TipsyTentacle @amsomniac True, but a horse-sized duck is pretty much my ideal mount. Swim, fly, waddle, or quack as the situation warrants.

90% terrified / 10% curious to see whether my earth-sheltered house will survive a forest fire sweeping through.

On the one hand, it's covered in dirt, good old non-flammable dirt, so that should help. On the other hand, it's made out of wood, nice dry highly-flammable wood, so it could go either way.

Not that I intend to stick around to find out. If evac is called for, I'm grabbing the ducks and getting the fuck out. But it'd be nice if my stuff didn't all go up in flames...

Observation: When viewed through a huge cloud of smoke rising from a nearby wildfire, the sun appears apocalyptically red.

hey frens

i am very excited to report that some friends I trust very much are launching a #technoanarchist (!!) project. they need a certain kind of engineer (and they would love to hire a queer cybrewitch if they can). if you know FPGAs and OpenCL, they need you for AI hijinx.

if not, please boost, it would be a big favor.

bland corporate copy and contact is at but hmu on XMPP or tox if you have Qs about the unofficial sitch

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