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"We are surrounded by insurmountable opportunities." ~ B Mollison

an important one is just planting trees that grow edible fruit on them in public places. A person at a restaraunt I was at today was liking climbing around poking in the leaves of a tree and we were wondering what they were doing until they came down with a fig! Did not realize the thing was a fruiting plant at all at first glance.

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Scientists have laid out a step-by-step guide for creating a sustainable research facility on Mars. The first step involves a fleet of base-building robots constructing a 16-foot-wide, 41-foot-tall dome covered in 16 feet of ice for radiation shielding.

"As hunter-gatherers we were brilliant scientists, but we were nodes locked in a complex network we had little to no say in. And so we warped and mutilated our world with fire and countless other inventions, trying to have as big of an impact as we could, to extend our reach beyond our arms. [...] Cambrian explosions of the meme, even while we warped the land to collapse diversity of the gene."

- @rechelon William Gillis' review of James C Scott's Against the Grain

"There are no fixtures in nature. The universe is fluid and volatile. Permanence is but a word of degrees. Our culture is the predominance of an idea which draws after it [a] train of cities and institutions. Let us rise into another idea: they will disappear."

Ralph Waldo #Emerson, “Circles”

#quotes #words #impermanence

M45 - The Pleiades - is an open star cluster in the constellation of Taurus. The stars in the cluster are running into a dust cloud which is seen as the nebulosity around the stars as a reflection nebula. Rothney Astrophysical Observatory image.

"What are you doing?"
"Always reading. Do you want to live in those books?"
"No, it's the other way. I want them to live in me."

life goal:
build a library full of books you would have wanted to find as a kid growing up

Life is hard for a dirty salvager on this junk planet. If the heat of the desert's twin suns don't kill you, the molten rain coming down from the ship graveyard orbiting the planet might. But today is a good day. Today you found what looks to be a fully operational spacecraft.

Reading a book is essentially staring at the tattooed remains of a tree and hallucinating for several hours.

"For markets to be made innocuous, a society needs unimpeded, non-monetized access to their basic means of survival. Land, as well as people’s vital activity, must be inalienable..." - Peter Gelderloos

Defying Power: Different Views on How Best to Understand the Evolution of the State

Part 1:

Part 2:

life is short, spray paint your own bike lanes

biodiverse cities 

@evanarchitective @rechelon

Most cities I've been to are actually more diverse than the surrounding landscape. The biodiversity is bound to happen with so many people and micro-climates to utilize. Even then the biology isn't utilized. There's certainly a huge untapped wellspring of human creativity and ingenuity that could be directed toward actually useful human habitat that is not an overpass and does not exploit people within and without city limits.

biodiverse cities 

@evanarchitective @rechelon if i may cut in, from a municipal perspective…we need biodiversity! e. g. tree cover mitigates the heat waves we're increasingly getting, and roots maintain banks against flooding.

In a big park near me they have an annual controlled burn, because the rare ecosystem there depends on small regular fires. it is possible to integrate nature (or rather, for us to integrate into nature) safely

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