up to my usual trash hacking hijinks, practicing building a new world from the ruins of the old

been playing with a big pile of broken-up parking-lot concrete waste chunks free from a nearby construction site and it stacks together nicely I think

pretty sure this painting is called "laozi looking both ways before crossing the street"

it's a depiction of laozi, (lao tsu,) aka 老聃, (lao dan, "old long ears") generously assisting one of their human companions to safely cross a busy intersection by allowing the fragile human to ride atop laozi's broad strong shoulders

More biosphere2 pics:

An aquaponics setup producing fish and veggies, though they admitted using some amount of commercial fish feed. It seems to me that one could reduce the required feed by using a light to attract insects to the water for the fish to eat...

Some crops growing underneath solar panels, a system termed "agrovoltaics." Many crops thrive in partial shade, so this seems like a good way to stack functions in a limited space.

mastodon.social/media/xvh9fNcv mastodon.social/media/TV0eTugc

I don't know of another closed system research facility that's as big and elaborate as biosphere2, so it's too bad they're not really doing much closed system research there anymore...

The closest thing they're doing these days is what they call a landscape observation experiment in what was originally the system's agricultural area. They've got these massive sloping steel troughs embedded with sensors and filled with volcanic gravel.

mastodon.social/media/Lufgg118 mastodon.social/media/34hFNMoD

Apparently, biosphere2 had to have these huge domes with massive rubber artificial lungs to regulate the atmospheric pressure inside the closed system so that it wouldn't blow out the windows. An engineering marvel, for sure, but a more open system could use the earth's lungs and be able to devote more space and energy to plant growth.

mastodon.social/media/cTD8Qu3p mastodon.social/media/-1k1z-g6 mastodon.social/media/36yd-9kR mastodon.social/media/f6ob9PgB

Here's a I started building after high tide while the ocean was in retreat. I would have liked to have spent all day at the beach and extended my micro-earthworks down to the low tide, then watched the tide come back in and fill in all my little ditches and ponds...

are fun


"Interspecies Hybrids Play a Vital Role in Evolution"

"“It’s a web of life, rather than a simple bifurcating tree of life.” That also means it’s more necessary than ever before to examine the entire genome [...] to understand a species’ evolutionary relationships..."



Dear mastodon, I made you some assorted . Enjoy.

For the next 10 people to @ me with a request, I'll make you a free custom rubbish pin (and post a pic of it here for free, and even mail it to you for the price of shipping!)

Disclaimer: I am not very good at drawing things, but I'll try my best, and making custom art for people will be good practice for me.


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