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So apparently my big issue with getting old DOS games to run that use EMS mode is actually a non-issue if I install QEMM, which is basically freeware now

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I wonder if we can now be honest and say a business (even a one-person-op) is not something our social lives and spaces should optimise for. A platform dedicated to self promotion is unlikely to build a following of actual people of course, but social media has always been a shell game of pretending that isn't whats happening in order to make our social interactions profitable.

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@even_more_damned_muteKi I'm fairly new here but have to disagree with your corollary, though not your point - I've earned more per impression through mastodon than on either twitter or Facebook, and I haven't started to promote here.

Your corollary rests on the assumption that self-promotion and commercial interest isn't genuine, and while that's frequently the case, it isn't _necessarily_ the case. Let's not discourage commerce because other platforms required it to be disingenuous.

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Lots of people need lots of different content warnings on posts!
Here are some suggestions on them, not all of them necessarily common:

Selfies and/or eye contact
Sexual content (some use "lewd" for this, I avoid putting "nsfw" but that's another post)
Public Displays of Affection (pda)
Politics and news (with the places it's relevant in the tag)
Mental health issues

Also, if you make jokes where the content warning is very misleading, put (joke) in the CW!

part 3

also hi I'm mostly just here to shitpost and make joke albums

and also sometimes I like to post music I like. when I'm not too busy I like to post cool funk and funk-adjacent music I find on days like today. Check the hashtag .

Anyway to that effect here's Boom Boom by John Lee Hooker youtube.com/watch?v=X70VMrH3yB

part 2

Mastodon may represent a more "pure" social network in that it's not built around being used primarily for self-promotion or commercial interest. I would expect most followers to be genuine, which I would not for Twitter.

The corollary is of course that Mastodon is not necessarily a great place to be if you are here to try to drive high engagement to creative work -- in that sense it is definitely not like Twitter.

You can get an audience -- but you won't get rich.

to Mastodon

Mastodon isn't necessarily "twitter but better" as in a lot of respects I'd say it comes a little closer to IRC (i.e., the lack of centralized hosting -- servers are in some sense privately owned).

That said, the interaction with the platform is quite similar to Twitter clients like Tweetdeck.

However, servers are not financed by cycling inflammatory content to drive engagement for viewing ads. Usually there is a place to fund servers directly.

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knuckle tats for the mastodon influx Show more

shit I can't believe I missed the 10th anniversary of IT'S CALLED A ROAD IT'S CALLED A RAINBOW ROAD youtube.com/watch?v=FuX5_OWObA

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Gamer YouTubers who get famous by just screaming at the camera and building their whole persona on spite/anger are eroding videogames

youtube.com/watch?v=SJU2-1X8kH love this kind of thing. Wonder how this sort of thing could be done with cubes instead of flip-panels so you could have 4-color grayscale


no reason at all why do you ask

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Hello new users. Thank you for choosing Mastodon. Your timeline will be departing shortly. Please ensure your seat belt is fastened and the tray in front of you is in the upright position.

Please stow any personal items under the seat in front of you and place your carry on in the overhead bin.
At this time please ensure your electronic devices are turned off or set T o W f o r W U M B O

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Hi there lovely mastodonians! I'm Caelyn Sandel and this is the latest of my many #introductions.

I am a queer, bisexual, transgender, mildly furry writer, indie dev, and den mother. I'm a mediator here on awoo.space, but I'm a bit derelict in that role.

I'm currently running generation4.net and I've been hired as a designer for Caves of Qud, but my solo work can be found at inurashii.xyz

awoo.space/media/7LI_LCwFs6-HA awoo.space/media/ufa2ddUe2a08P awoo.space/media/WA6LrKJoE1OxI

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Tina says, "I know it's here somewhere..."

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