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What if Zelda had an amazing, cinematic story?

What if Last of Us had incredible, skill based combat?

What if Uncharted somehow put all the violence in context?

What if Dark Souls was approachable and clear?


Slightly punched up version of one of those puns I saw a bit ago:

Roses are red
Violets are blue

it's abstract enough that it's probably not something anyone's likely to get in trouble for but better safe than sorry

the fact that we conceptually think of a kickdrum and a bass sound as different categories of thing is a holdover from the legacy days when we had something called "bands"

Hey a friend mentioned a thing about using betamax as a data backup format in this day-and-age. Anyone know anything about this? I tried to google it and didn't find much

Giving people access to knowledge is a subversive and radical act. This says a lot about humanity, and it's not saying good things.

It is very hard to make yourself go to sleep when you’re holding a tiny super computer full of your friends

this is the original version of the Tetris that came with Windows Entertainment Pack, before it got picked up by Microsoft. it doesn't look very good after windows 2 because it assumes fixed width fonts and a certain window size

I was messing around with the instruments on some Sonic & Knuckles collection midis, and it turns out that using the harmonic-fifths voice turns Death Egg Zone into a Prince song

I just published a (really simple) mod to the Sega Mega Drive collection workshop on Steam. It's literally just applying a couple game genie codes I got from Sega-16

fun fact:
if you run recent Pleroma, your server's MAC address is now permanently embedded in every post

fun fact 2:
two people run their Pleroma instance on a Xensource VM, six instances are hosted on a raspi, and there are three cases of two instances sharing the same MAC address :)

holy shit, it finally happened... and right when I started looking in to see what the state of things with sonic r was

Tried to use on K. Rool but got an error message

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