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john wick 3: the wick must burn
john wick 4: workin' for the wick end
john wick 5: one wick since you looked at me

We like to party. We like... we LIKE to party. We like to PARTY.

huh, this tweet from half a year ago that I didn't see until now searching the kindred spirits name in Japanese has the first paragraph of my fanfiction

not complaining or anything, just really surprised

I really like the title "Everything you wanted to know about sonic the hedgehog (but were too afraid to google)" for a theoretical book

>looking for the album "Nude" by Dead Or Alive
>forget that there is also a video game series called Dead or Alive that is known for jiggle physics
>search "dead or alive nude" on youtube with predictable results

oh god, I have have discovered the Ace Discourse y'all were talking about the other day

the fact that I get to keep my job is a glorious act of divine grace frankly

me after work work, thinking about weird discrepancies in the way my phase responses look for FFT data:

"Wait, an off by one error on the timing could be causing this? But that wouldn't affect the FFT. The frequency would be the same -- the delay would just mean the phase response would be delaye...OH. OH MY FUCKING GOD"

@plsburydoughboy yeah, I'd imagine that at least compared to the rest of the industy they have pretty good gender parity

it's a frustrating situation all-around. I wish nintendo weren't so protective of their image, at least...

@plsburydoughboy I did pick it up used. I think you're right that they probably didn't know what they were doing, but there's been enough Treehouse Fuckery I've seen that I don't want to give them too much benefit of the doubt (by the way, does alison rapp know about masto?)

@dboyfajardo yeah -- notably not included in that first list, your boss gets to inflict physical harm on you if you don't work hard enough and your kids get sold away

@plsburydoughboy wouldn't surprise me...though it's odd that codename steam is the one they went with pros for, and it's infuriating they hired the worst fucking baldwin

hey guys remember how "pay people" is still somehow controversial? good old capitalism

The SAG-AFTRA successfully penned deals with most video game companies. THEY ARE THE HOLDOUTS

Well then please remember the SAG-AFTRA is still on strike and these are the video game companies that refuse to pay voice actors what they're worth

(actually I'd probably wind up doing a cover of let it go before I do that...and even before that I'd surely do a cover of eliane elias's running?!)

I don't particularly care about Wicked or anything, but the last year and a half of chiptunes has been little besides riffing on the subdominant with that sort of keyboard pattern as shows up in the chorus to the song

you'll know the day I toss my last vestiges of sanity to the wind and accept that I am driven solely by confusing yet deep animalistic urges: it will be the day I make a chiptune cover of defying gravity

does anyone know what the japanese is for "I hope you keep making these cute booklets, and as long as you do I'll keep paying exorbitant import fees for them"?

one of my friends once had a spell that eliminates bugs for any specified code immediately.

yep you guessed it that spell is "i had no expectation for this piece of shit & i don't care if it did do anything or not"