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What if Zelda had an amazing, cinematic story?

What if Last of Us had incredible, skill based combat?

What if Uncharted somehow put all the violence in context?

What if Dark Souls was approachable and clear?


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scraping data on immigration detention centers Show more

I tried so far, and got so, wait, hold on,

I am interested in hearing what Jenny Nicholson has to say about this horrifyingly real Dumbo remake

waluigi is the jeff goldblum of nintendo characters

anyway a dude I know was doing a polyamory thing, and it's...been rough on him lately

thoughts on polyamory Show more

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There are full-stack software engineer positions and then there are "We want a programmer, a designer, and a project manager for the cost of one salary" "full"-"stack" positions.

Job descriptions like the latter are why unions push for very narrow job duties: Because employers are incentivized to push all the responsibilities that they can onto employees.

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every time I hear the mcelroy guys talk about "spectral techniques" or whatever on my way in to work I get a little excited / do a double take until I realize they're talking about, like, ghost sex or haunted dolls

slightly lewdish / tmi sort of thing Show more

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Those three words every girl wants to hear.

"Let's form Voltron"

my favorite thing about Warren Zevon's Gorilla You're a Desperado is that it's also it's own Microsoft Songsmith remix

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If you haven't listened to Angelique Kidjo's new cover album of _Remain In Light_ by Talking Heads, you really should.

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You Have No Fucking Clue What You're Up Against

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LB: Definitely click through on that thread, it's gold.

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I saw a sponsored post on FB about an all-u-can-eat raclette event in July and I thought, hey, I want all-I-can-eat raclette.

wait, "live action dumbo" wasn't a joke?! this is a real thing that disney is putting actual money to make?