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What if Zelda had an amazing, cinematic story?

What if Last of Us had incredible, skill based combat?

What if Uncharted somehow put all the violence in context?

What if Dark Souls was approachable and clear?


Stolen from one of the weird sun twitter accounts that I can't remember

Free monads does not imply freedom from the consequences of monads

At least this week we learned that it was Baby Boomers who invented eating Tide Pods.

could use feedback from the masto community.

i run a lit journal & thinking about making an acct for it here but i'm not sure if it would be welcome or not.

our social presence is currently quotes by women, announcements about blog posts, updates on publishing deadlines, calls for submissions, a bit of "hey join our patreon", and a few other bits of internal announcement stuff.

we don't run ads so social is how we get readers/fund stuff.

#masto #notsurewhattotagthis #community

tired: espio the chameleon
wired: benny the blue iguana

i finished this big weird fish drawing tonight mostly because i want to move onto finishing the inks + coloring another drawing, which also has huge weird fish in it

This is a striking and very engaging look at the influence of Akira on media and some background on anime in general leading up to and since its creation

There's a lot of analysis here on the subtle details in the production and the environment as well as the historic and socioeconomic backdrop that influenced them

[CW: Graphic violence]

Don't pay any attention to the #freenode maintainer (Bryan Østergaard) allegations.

It appears this is a 4chan spear campaign.

They seem to have recently acquired the blog domain that's being linked to, back-filled it with old legitimate blog posts, and started posting new ones a couple weeks ago.

You can see a discussion about this in this thread:

Ever thought the diagonal springs in Sonic 2 are more powerful than the other kinds? Turns out, that's because they are! They set your speed upward to that of an upward-facing spring and your spring sideways to that of a sideways-facing spring (i.e., your speed is set to 16 in each direction with a red diagonal spring, so a speed of about 22.5 total!)

"Scripto" is a computer design concept by Craig Lam with an e-Ink display specifically meant for distraction free writing. It was part of his 2016 design thesis and portfolio

It's not a real product yet, but the designer is hoping to crowdfund its creation. The core is based on the Raspberry Pi Zero

/cc @dirtycommo

Yes, folks, it's true. I did grind out points in the Sonic Mania Trap Tower bonus stage just to max out my continue count in each save I've done. The max is, oddly enough, 20, I've determined.

How the actual fuck is it that in the vending machines, a bottle of water is more expensive than the fucking soda?

when u toot in classical latin it's a barritula; send toot

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