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seismic jagger ✨ @even_more_damned_muteKi

I'm OK with out-of-body experiences. It's when the score counter and vitals display show up that you need to start worrying.

On a more serious note, its important to remember that we are all human, we all make mistakes, we all have feelings, we need to spread more kindness around rather than hate.

I see them fairly often on my drive to work, which takes me on a couple dirt roads

I know lots of regional stereotypes are exaggerated / inaccurate / not representative, but I assure you: tumbleweeds are real. Back when I lived in Tucson I caught one and kept it under my bed for a while

welcome to goulag / internet censorship / russia Show more

it's friday night and the full scope of human experiences is terrifyingly broad

@Nezchan I mean more as in "the resistance"

reminder that "transistor" is short for "trans resistor" so anyway if some of you need fun shit to spray over swastikas might I suggest something like this

In short, please tell people you enjoy their art even if it's just a normal clean piece.

Your words encourage them more than you think.

Your silence also discourages them more than you think.

Today for #FunkyFriday, we're checking out Steppin' In It by Herbie Hancock / Headhunters. From Man-Child, one of the funkiest of his funk albums.

THAT SAID, this is my second time playing the game, so it's not like I was going into it cold, but it was ASTONISHINGLY easier the second time around. I barely even had to grind for star bits!

I beat SMG2 much, much more quickly than I expected. Only like 4 green stars were particularly difficult, and I cleared The Perfect Run on my second try (damn well near made it on my first, even)

most people won't share this because they're afraid to put the divine weapons on their timeline

Anyone remember a weird old helicopter game for PC that included this voice clip when you die?

you can solve every computer engineering problem with a layer of indirection

except for too much indirection

(adapted from a quote by David Wheeler, the creator of the subroutine)

mastodon as a backing store for an object storage system as a backing store for a key value database as a backing store for a network file system as a backing store for an in-memory block storage device as a backing store for a mastodon instance


(I think it's funnier in a monospace font)

@Nezchan what broke my heart though was the couple of trans women who came in at the end and sounded self-hating :(

@Nezchan I feel really bad for some of the people posting on that last page or so too, trapped in existential nightmares they could be free from if they weren't so strict on defining what a gender is