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What if Zelda had an amazing, cinematic story?

What if Last of Us had incredible, skill based combat?

What if Uncharted somehow put all the violence in context?

What if Dark Souls was approachable and clear?


I'm alive y'all. I tried to hang out on ResetEra for a while but it's just too dang conservative for me to feel comfortable on. They've gone all-in on Biden in a deeply unsettling way

I tried to be weird without it being too strobing but if this is a difficulty for people let me know

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inside of you there are two wolves. one of them is your fursona. the other one is your alter-ego's fursona

slowly dropping hints I might re-release my lost untitled album under the new name "hedgehog mask replica"

My understanding of IPv4 exhaustion timeline:

2011: we are out of IPs.
2012: we are really out of IPs.
2014: we are really really out of IPs.
2015: we are really really really out of IPs.
2017: we really really really really are out of IPs.
2018: we really really really really really are out of IPs.
2019: we are really really really really really really out of IPs.

And I know that in a lot of cases I would be screaming the opposite from the rooftops to any hapless fool willing to wander into earshot of me, but Lemmings is deeply, starkly improved by the inclusion of a rewind ability

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Here's a picture of the cat we've had for the last two months, who we got at the shelter. I think she was a feral for the first 4 months but she's mostly been adjusting well to domestic life if being about as recklessly playful as one can expect from such a small kitten. I spend a lot of my evenings lately keeping her occupied so she doesn't cause trouble. Her name is Star.

I wish there was a good source port for Lemmings 2 the way we have NeoLemmix, but on the other hand the DOS version with MT-32 audio is actually close to definitive already.

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I think if there's one way that Lemmings 2 significantly improves over original Lemmings it's in dealing with the circumstances where you HAVE to kill lemmings to get by and reducing how much that happens -- this makes it a little clearer, usually, what a correct solution looks like

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I've been very impressed with NeoLemmix. Even without some of its quality-of-life improvements like rewind and movement outlines, it supports the original Amiga music as well as anything else I can throw at it in OGG files (i.e., the redbook audio from the DOS CD release found on

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About a month ago I started getting into some of the Lemmings games. I had Lemmings 2 on Genesis as a kid but none of the other ones. Now I'm messing around with NeoLemmix and mostly having a really good time -- using the Lemmings and ONML and All The Extra Levels sets. Did you know the GG/SMS game had a set of small levels built around the classic Sega logo?

Anyway I'm back on Mastodon mainly to announce with a heavy heart that Kanye West is indeed at it again

Whoever is shouting OF COURSE WE WANT KITTY PICTURES THIS IS THE INTERNET at my window, uh, I can just show you her in person??

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Would anyone want some pictures of the kitty we adopted?

Whoever is shouting IS THIS LOSS at me through my window. Give up. Everything I post is Loss

Slightly punched up version of one of those puns I saw a bit ago:

Roses are red
Violets are blue

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