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screaming memer

📉📉📉 aww yeah that's the stuff

@even_more_damned_muteKi IMO it should be "STFU we're going into this cheap café, lime it or not!"

controversial opinion: the mcdonalds triangle meme needs to be a parallelogram where the fourth point is labeled ARBYS ARBYS ARBYS

tired: faulting "lazy devs"
wired: faulting "meddling executives"

ME: No fear
MY MIND: What if Github's datacenters are destroyed in some sort of dipshitted warshow
ME: One fear

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May I draw your attention to this hilarious example of fooling an image recognition algorithm with a small patch of carefully engineered noise?

one of my goals in life: never make anything that looks like the page for the hawaii missile warning system

OK slight correction to previous content warning: thought there was kidnapping involved but that doesn't seem to be the case

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sometimes I get really weird thoughts in my head, like "I wonder if Tomoko Sasaki listens to a lot of Steely Dan"

anyway I'm just gonna set up a looping playlist of IGY and New Frontier and make my peace