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I make people stronger and faster. Have trained medalists in several different sports, primarily and Olympic .

I live to improve a crooked and money hungry industry through free, rational information and constantly make life harder by refusing standard ways to spread the word (those other social platforms)

I dabble in programming, mostly but lately found to be interesting and and mind blowing. is my jam

TIL: Nano has sick configuration options. Switching text editor for a while!

Europe strikes back at Google: After Germany and the Netherlands, also Denmark bans Google Workspace from schools. Let's fight for privacy and protect our children's data! 💪

I'm starting and finishing a new project every month:

This month I'm stepping outside my comfort zone with a massive instruction set for any exercise I will ever prescribe to any of my proteges. I've had to learn a lot about databases and stuff. It's coming along quite nicely!

The structure and the code is finished. Now it's only a matter of filling it up. I started slowly today with 25 variations for bench press.

Fell into a deep rabbit hole. Got curious about how interpreters and compilers work - what on earth have I done to myself?! Will I ever be able to get work done again?

Never take criticism from someone you would never go to for advice.


I've made a list of over 500 exercises I will include so it might be a case of adding the most important ones then over the course of months add more.

The instructions will focus on correct execution and useful cues in plain text. Video is out of the question without some sort of sponsor because time and investment would be way too much for me alone.

I want to make the database available to apps but not sure how yet. Hopefully I can figure it out. Ping @fsf


I start and finish a project every month:

In July I will create a exercise database. It will have instructions for hundreds of lifts.

Often people will do exercises wrong. Some will look up instructions on that_video_platform but it doesn't help when the instructions are wrong. I constantly find myself correcting my lifters on the most basic exercises. This project aims to help solve that issue.

The database will be open for everyone, not just people I help.


I've uploaded the free to read book 'Powerlifting technique reference guide'. It was originally written as learning material for courses on aimed at personal trainers.

It can obviously be used by anyone doing 'the big three'. The book covers technique- and style considerations, variations, common problems, and more.

Read it for free here:

The number of posts today about deleting menstrual tracking data from startup apps is a very good reminder that you should never trust data you don't store yourself is safe.

Whether it's a scrappy startup, a big megacorp, or a FOSS dude with a server: if someone extracts money to store your data they will, at some point, prioritize their gain over your privacy

Made some minor tweaks to the free to read book Minimal stretching guide.

Mainly minor stuff such as additional links.

I start and finish a new project every month.

This month I will make freely available a book I wrote almost exactly a year ago as course material for a workshop for people who work as . But the book can obviously benefit anyone who seek knowledge on the three lifts.

It goes quite in depth on execution of the lifts, common issues, variations and more.

I'll let you know when it's online.

A different approach to training (2/2)

When you reach your goal, reevaluate the importance of the 3 lifts and place them accordingly in your plan.

I call the 1st "goal", 2nd "important", 3rd "back burner". You can add 4th "fluff", typically small exercises like curls or whatever. Don't worry about even keeping a log for these, just get a pump and be done. Skip them if you're tired - they're just fluff after all.

A different approach to training. (1/2)

Pick 3 exercises and order them in terms of importance.

The most important is done first. Have a clear progression and goal in mind. It should be attainable. I like thinking in terms of 3-4 weeks.

The 2nd lacks a progression but is done with significant effort. Add weight when you can but don't beat yourself up about it.

The 3rd is done with medium effort. Don't worry about adding weight or doing more reps.

On Sundays I have "open " for people I train as well as those who want to come by for some help. For my lifters it means hard training, which today resulted in several new rep maxes.

I also helped someone with a golfer's elbow she felt while benching. I saw it came from poor squat technique. It's important to know that the movement you feel something isn't always the root cause. I told her to remove back squats and added small exercises with high reps for the arms.

I'm not a big proponent of resting to recover from injuries or nagging pains. At best it makes the recovery process slow, at worst it makes the issue stay an issue.

Blood flow and movement heals. This is true even in fairly severe cases, such as back injuries - and I'm speaking from first hand experience. Of course one needs to be careful and make sure to not worsen the issue.

There are cases where rest is better but they're a minority.


Hey #fitness folks, @tom started this new instances a few weeks ago dedicated to fitness of all kinds. Join us!

Continued: I am NOT a programmer, I simply try to learn enough of the basics to make the computer work for me.

I enjoy languages where I can think about the problem, not the language, and in a explorative way. was my first love. I've used Python but it's not for me. Recently I've been AMAZED by and . I was very excited when I replaced a Python script with one in J with almost no effort. I've lso dabbled in which doesn't fit any of the above criteria but is still fun!

In tech I sometimes feel like a dinosaur, other times like a magician who've tapped into a mystical power most have missed.

Nearly all my computing is done with text and scripts. I log my lifters training in text files. I create scripts that calculate things like their preparedness and progression, or evaluate how well training cycles work, etc. If I come up with a new idea or formula I make a new script.

To me it's simple, yet much more powerful than any training app.

Question to you!

I'm considering setting up a service that delivers 10-15 minute movement/exercise routines to help offset monotonous office life (i.e. help with bad shoulders, neck, back, etc), intended as a brief break during work.

The service would be free. Perhaps delivered via email.

Is this something you would use and benefit from?

Feel free to boost this so I can get a feel for potential interest.

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