@BrodieOnLinux It took me a few minutes to figure out the meaning of . Very stupid hashtag.

I absolutely hate it when a podcast doesn't have the RSS feed listed anywhere on their website.

@killyourfm I still remember the first time I ever heard the word "algorithm". It was when I took my first college level computer science class many many years ago. The idea of what an algorithm is fascinated me. Today, the idea of what an algorithm is has become kind of dirty.

@luckystrike Pretty much LBRY for me, but I've been exploring some Peertube instances lately.

@TheDimPause@mastodon.sdf.org Still using that very model as an audio workstation running Mac OS 9 and Sonic Studio.

Fuck cities that remove benches 

@Sophie I tried to find the tweet from the NYCTSubway account to give it a like, but it's since been deleted. No doubt they felt ashamed to keep it up.

@danrabbit Self checkout is great as long as you don't have a full shopping cart, or as any produce without barcode stickers, or bulk items without barcode stickers. I draw the line at about 8 items. Any more than that, then the checker at a register is going to be way faster than I am at self checkout.

@killyourfm Why do the algorithms control us? Shouldn't we control the algorithms?

@omgubuntu Is anyone taking bets on if they'll still be on Wayland by default for 22.04?

@arh@toots.alirezahayati.com @derek What do you expect one to do when their principles prevent them from using Firefox, yet they have a Netflix subscription they want to access?

@flvc@gleasonator.com I already looked at it. That's what prompted my question.

@BrodieOnLinux After seeing this image, I got curious and looked at the about page on several instances. I notice the same servers tend to appear on many blacklists. Are these blacklists federated somehow?

@BrodieOnLinux Must be friends with that guy that runs the instance that DT was kicked off of.

@kenny @derek That's my understanding. These aur helpers are actually pacman wrappers and invoke pacman.

@JensChristensen @thelinuxEXP I use Wine everyday on my production rig to run a proprietary Windows app developed specifically for the company I work for and there is no hope of a Linux version. Wine serves it's function of allowing me to run the app and does it well.

@popey My son also has an iBad, but I never touch it.

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