Metallica - Orion (Cliff Burton Bass Really Loud) 

Metallica - Orion (Cliff Burton Bass Really Loud)

when i say "i will die thinking only of those late summer nights with you and not a living soul could make me want to forget" this is what i mean

theyre called "hogs" because they're wild and free. unconstrained by the mores and so-called principles of "society". to post hog is an act of liberation, defiance and most importantly, primality, putting us in touch with our bestial nature and relishing in our rejection of the shame put upon us by the architects of this doomed world

*fighting back tears and choking sobs* p-phil lynott... youre... your canceled... s-s-sweatie.....

thinking about the weirdo baby things on the cover for iron maiden's dance of death. i wish someone would do an ally mcbeal baby style cgi of them dancing

yeah i know you want this hog... its ok... you can look.. i won't judge you ;)

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