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so horses are just pegasi without wings. why couldn't anybody say this before

@evinta picture a fairy horse but without the wings or fairyness. That is regular horse

How can you have a regular horse if horses don't exist? never seen a horse in the wild. never seen one in the alleys. mountains and plains and rivers. no horses. so what the fuck?

abandoning social and becoming ronin if the cowardly fiend mods do not give justice to my online aunt

i don't know what knzk is and at this point im afraid to ask

@evinta every single possible end to this sentence disgusted me potentially and then I actually finished it and was disgust in actuality

dishonorable discharge is when a samurai gets off on losing their status in their clan

you can block me but i will just use my other account and post slight variations on his name. i will never be stopped, not by god, not by man, not by [THIS USER HAS BEEN BANNED]

wil wheaton thinks being the worst character in star trek history for a couple seasons makes him a real actor

wil wheaton regularly says "animals don't have feelings, anyways" regardless of the conversation at hand

wil wheaton does that "server grading" thing where he sets out money for a tip and subtracts a dollar for every arbitary "mistake" the server makes

wil wheaton offers to pick up someone's tab at a bar before telling them to go on while he pays, and then he just leaves right after them

wil wheaton wipes his ass with hotel towels just to fuck with the cleaning crews

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