The paradox of vertical farming

Artificial lighting saves land because plants can be grown above each other, but if the electricity for the lighting comes from solar panels, then the savings are canceled out by the land required to install the solar panels.


@neauoire but with high enough efficiency you get to run multiple story high farms from a single panel

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@neauoire plus the fact you yield produce all year round, unlike traditional farms

@neauoire i think really the best selling point of solar+vertical farming would be solar panels overlapping existing buildings in cities, with localised small scale vertical farms within those cities, freeing up a ton of infrastructure that we use for transfer and harvest and limitations that had with it. Though currently solar doesn't have great efficiency to surpass the tradeoff, there's some almost 50% efficiency panels in research, which would almost make it a 1:1 trade in m^2 on a good day

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