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Greetings, Program! I'm Evan (he/him).

I'm a software engineer at Fastly specializing in located in . I hold a degree because that seemed more interesting than software at the time and yet here I am.

I enjoy 🥘, making and drinking ☕️, taking 📷, attending and viewing 🌲 games ⚽️, 🎮 on PC/consoles, and kicking back to some good 🎵.

Introductions are necessary, but reductive.


The face of a man who let his hair air dry while sleeping and has zero energy to care about the consequences

One of the best things about getting a new desktop Amp isn’t just the boost in sound quality, but having a big ol’ volume knob you can turn.

Parenting twins is sitting in a pitch dark room filled with white noise together with your partner while each of you holds a small disgruntled human, communicating solely via text message

The volume of the baby birds living in my roof is reaching a staggering level.

It turns out I don’t actually like the monitor arm life? Gotta move to a stack mount I think.

Greetings, Program! I'm Evan (he/him). I live in the area.

I'm an Engineering Manager specializing in and , and I believe putting people first is the key to making good software.

I am a enthusiast, I like playing , (and them and about them), I like taking , I enjoy when I can make the time for it.

I figured it was time for an updated one of these.

@powersurf Do you find the instance local timeline to be useful/browse-able?

Boost This Picture of Xena and Seven of Nine to raise awareness of the Nineties

Just gonna prune some browser tabs here… let’s see… yep, 98 is too many so let’s close this one and this one and these and those and…

Yes 43 is a much better and more reasonable number, carrying on

Love to watch the machine eat itself in real time

The most annoying aspect of robocalls is that they are a full screen, total interrupt of whatever you may be doing at the time. It is practically a weaponization of your smartphone’s core feature set.

Returning to the work week the right way with the batteries on all of my devices nearly depleted!

Trying to write an interesting toot about a mushroom I tried but you really can’t jazz this kind of thing up.

That thing where you close a tab and then immediately open a new one and type back in the URL of the tab you just closed

I have multiple “Alexa-enabled” devices in my home and I refuse to activate this functionality on any of them because I am afraid of robots

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