My 30-day Twitter keyword mute on contra literally just expired in the last few days and, welp, guess it’s time to turn it back on again?

I'd also love to see and do this too.

For example, could help people follow their newly-introduced rule about pronouns by letting users put their pronouns on their profile, then displaying them in the user info box next to posts, and in the autocomplete popup when you @-mention users.

Doing so would be great for trans and genderqueer people and the people interacting with them, but it also helps everyone, especially in communities where people use pseudonyms or screen names, or when people are interacting with relative strangers, or both.

If you're building any software that humans interact with each other in 2019, you should have a pronoun field on users' profiles that's easily accessible whenever another user might be writing something to them (maybe a hover popover, or in de-emphasised text near their name).

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My OG Retina MacBook Pro that I saved up for ages to get while I was in uni has, after 7 years, developed a swollen battery. 😥

Every time a tram passes Parliament House everyone stops listening to whoever is speaking to turn around and clap and cheer.

“If I become Premier of this state, these trains and trams are coming back into public hands.” —

So that’s a pretty early election promise, let’s see how it goes.

Best poster I’ve seen so far: “We don’t choo choo choose you, Marshall”

Phil: ...and it destroyed 10,000 jobs!

Crowd: ...

Phil: ...


Phil is a Victorian tram worker of 40 years, here to tell us how bad rail privatisation is. He’s also leaning a bit too hard on the PA system so I can’t hear him.

In the fringe bit on the outside of the protest where people quietly, meekly chant along, wanting to support the cause but not wanting to shout.

Incentives for Australians to vote that lead to our consistently high voting turnout:
• Not getting a fine for failure to vote
• Sausages
• Being smug about compulsory voting online

So it turns out the what3words geocoding software is not only proprietary and requires an Internet connection, but they're actively trying to squash other compatible implementations. More good reasons to use something like instead:

As much as “Leigh” a) was already part of my name and b) has a wide array of pun opportunities, I feel like I missed an opportunity to pick a name that has a domain hack available. GhNIC doesn’t allow 2nd level domains or international registrants so I can’t have “”.

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