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The first DAO-based exchange – “ExCraft, Craft Your Own Exchange!”
Read more in our Medium post below :

Want to get your project listed on an exchange AND earn tokens? is a DAO governed cryptocurrency exchange with three ways for users to receive rewards. Learn more here and craft your own exchange:

Just a snapshot of today's rewards on . A whopping 389,751 tokens for PoE. 194,875 for PoS. 97,437 in Pool rewards. Trade, stake or create a Pool on and craft your own exchange today!

, a cloud hosted exchange ensuring security through contained microservices, is excited to help educate enthusiasts about our unique, user-centric design. Utilizing , our users can create their own custom trading Pools, and participate in decision-making.

Snapshot about today’s comunity rewards on ! 279885 EXT tokens for today's POE rewards ,139942 EXT tokens for today's POS rewards , and 69971 EXT tokens for today's Pool rewards. Create a pool and craft your own exchange now !

You will have EXT tokens as part of community rewards for PoE , PoS  and Pool contribution on ExCraft. A decentralized autonomy will be built based on your rights of listing new tokens and governance. 
“Create a pool, craft your own Exchange now.”

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