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it.. it's finally happening? people who I know, are actually starting to use this site? I've been waiting for this day for so long

Why would you purchase a Nintendo Switch Online subscription when the best NES game isn't even on there?

I'm so hyped for the new Puyo game next month!!!

I'm guessing it won't be localised for a long time, if at all, but I think this one's more just about the gameplay for me. With the 'eSports' focus and given the skill of the Japanese players, I reckon it'll be a really good way to stretch my skills.

Also no more fighting against Tetris thank goodness.

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manually changing the words my phone capitalises back to lowercase so i seem cool and mysterious on-line

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I'm glad Linus has realised that his behaviour isn't appropriate and has decided to learn how to be more respectful to people.

However, it's quite disgusting how the community has reacted to it by saying the "crazy people" and "snowflakes have got to him. It's really sad.

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finally do I have the proper way of looking at the fediverse :icon_mrgreen:

also yes it's fully functional and I'm actually using it as my main interface right now

> plugs new mouse into work macbook
> keyboard setup assistant opens

fucking nailed it

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ears πŸ‘‚ Show more

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If you put a substitution cipher in your game I will never expect it. I will just be like 'huh, that's some gibberish right there'

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🌟 itch app v25 post-mortem series

πŸ“• Part 2:

...showcases my development environment. Tools, methods. It's full of GIFs! Easy read.

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LOL at this error message. Why is this so poorly (and terrifyingly) worded?

Apparently GIMP is not actually "attaching a parasite" to my images, the programmers had decided that extra data embedded in an image is called a "parasite" and it's failed to parse some data in one.

(this is a lie, I always find an excuse to stay up for too long)

nintendo direct, more like nintendo directly responsible for me not getting enough sleep

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(itch app postmortem series)

Part 1 is up as well, it gives a bit of perspective on the project:

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Why does your itch desktop client look different? We shipped a major update! itch is faster and cleaner than ever before and we talked to the mind behind on these updates to find out what this means for you.

To become a 10x developer you need to consume 9 other developers

Lifehack: when dropping a sugar cube into a cup of tea or coffee, allow it to collide with the spoon. The transfer of kinetic energy is enough to prevent the drink from splashing when the cube hits the surface.

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