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it.. it's finally happening? people who I know, are actually starting to use this site? I've been waiting for this day for so long

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"Magic numbers" by Gilles Dubuc (2018)

Pretty revealing look at the lack of scientific rigor behind a lot of web performance "best practices." Are we all really relying on a single study published in 1968?

I think I'm starting to get the hang of this whole 'Game Boy Advance' thing...

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Syntax highlighting makes coding fun because like you type things and the things turn different colors and you're like :blobmelt:
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If you put a substitution cipher in your game I will never expect it. I will just be like 'huh, that's some gibberish right there'

Someone please send me back to 2001 with all my current knowledge so I can make GBA games for a living

Woaa I think I solved GBA palette management once and for all.
Hopefully I can implement it tomorrow evening but this is very promising so far.

Each graphic you add to the game result in 4 bytes of additional RAM usage to keep track of palette allocation.

This sounds bad, but its actually fine because
- you can (and should) have shared palettes
- you would probably be storing this same information scattered around your program as static variables anyway.

Found an sprintf implementation from 2003, written for the GBA in Thumb assembler.

Dropped it into an `asm` block in my Nim project and it Just Works ™️. I'm in awe.

In other news, I've been having a lot of fun with HBlank handlers! (sick space background by hot_pengu from our jam game)

Wow I've been a grown up for just 1 year and I'm already balding. Fuck this

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there's strong typing, weak typing and javascript typing

I needed to add some quick GUI prompts and file save dialog to a small SDL program, I tried like 5 different solutions including the Windows API.

I always suspected that IUP was underrated. Now that I've used it, I can confirm that it really is!

Like this GUI library is so good and so lightweight and it's simple and it Just Works ™️ using native controls. And I never see anyone talking about it, or hear about any applications that are built with it!

I don't understand

I can't believe we're getting poké-britain, this is so wild, I love it

Every time I hear the announcement “see it, say it, sorted” I feel like the British government is trying to brainwash me

I asked the staff on the platform if my ticket was valid for this virgin train and he was like "eh you're only on it for 9 minutes, the guy won't get to you in that time"

Uh, thanks?

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web development is just like the demoscene except the objective is to go slower

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Here's an amusingly written artical on the uselessness of tracking:

Now to find my favorite quotes...

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