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it.. it's finally happening? people who I know, are actually starting to use this site? I've been waiting for this day for so long

So I'm using a compile-time counter to generate unique constants in Nim, and somehow this works across modules and correctly updates all the constants if I add or remove just one of them.

I'm just waiting for this to break due to the compiler caching code or something, but it hasn't happened in my testing so far

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Why does an NES cartridge have two ROM chips inside?
A look at one of the more unique design decisions of the NES.

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Mario isn't even in Kirby's league when it comes to hill climbing.
At least he knows how to have a little fun on the way down, though. ;)

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Look at the way Kirby's feet flop right down onto the slope when he rests. What a dream.

haven't written a good glitch hop track since like 2014, I should get on that shit

When will someone make a good dinosaur game

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✨ itch v25.4.0 is out!

with changes such as:

- improved DMG support
- better logging
- "various bug fixes and improvements" should self-update on Linux, macOS & Windows automagically.

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how the fuck is it that the rust compiler isnt called crust

some days programming sucks but other days you get to write a comment saying
// triangulate the offenders

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wow, Deltarune was incredible. I'm absolutely floored.

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When I was a perf engineer at Microsoft, I analyzed dozens of sites, and literally the only one where I told the team, "There's not much for you to do; this is a fast website," it was a multi-page app. They said they were planning to switch to Angular.

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I had a dream that there was a crossover between Finding Nemo, Shark Tale, [numerous other franchises that are based underwater], and My Little Pony.

And it was somehow the funniest and most well-written thing I've seen in a long time.

I've found myself being the technical lead on a rom hack where the team were previously just sending links to individual files back and forth. I set up a gitlab organisation and tries to make things as simple as I possibly could, but people are running into all sorts of authentication issues and random errors.

The default settings of the git-scm installer for Windows includes a credentials manager which fails to work with VS Code

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