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hey so i take normal commissions but i also do ko-fi requests. if you buy me a coffee ($3) and leave an idea for a drawing in the support message, i'll draw it!

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We never blow off the data or leave the instance halfway.
KNZK GNAG is immortal👍

@Gargron uh bad take. Seriously a show about the American intel community as the good guys is inherently fucked up.

if you see me posting/boosting/faving from this account, it's only because knzk is currently down

bad news everyone knzk was too powerful so the government shut it down, admin is currently swordfighting through cyber soldiers to retrieve the server data. i believe in him

@ to all KNZKGANG
Since trouble occurred in the server of and it is currently being confirmed, I want you to wait until it recovers.
Because we are also working hard, forgive me🙇

Thank you😂
I am aiming for recovery today👊
I want to give a celebration with KNZKGANG after restoration🍻

here's a curated collection of my career-defining artwork from before i jumped ship from .social

featuring: big tiddy alf, phone weasel, vape ape and weed centipede

wife took her makeup off in one clean swipe and it reminded me of something

either they crafted a character after wil wheaton being an insufferable ninny or he based his pubescent personality on the character he played.

either way he's a piss ant and needs to shut up (wesley).

like it's any surprise that i fuckin' love eve's design in PE.

y'all know by now that i've got a thing for giant, gnarly hands

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