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a long fart goodnight ☭ @extinct@mastodon.social

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i draw just about everyday and post almost as often.


set myself up on @Commissioapp@twitter.com, since it seems like a promising way to condense commissions/YCH, adopts/bases, tips and recurring supporters all in one place: commiss.io/extinctinks

i haven't animated anything in like 10 years, but i finally figured out how to do it in CSP and now i wanna animate everything help

now that i've figured out how to use the animation function in CSP, i wanna upgrade from PRO to EX to get unlimited frames but i don't need to spend $170 to get even more distracted from drawing comic stuff, weh

new shirt from @Tittybats@twitter.com arrived a day early 🖤🗑️🖤

this was supposed to be a quick doodle to celebrate nasty space boy getting into , but it turned into something a lil more involved. Super era ridley best ridley imo

So, it's my tips sucked this week & my weekend now. ➡️ I'm open for commission! ⬅️ Pride av YCHs, single character illustrations, tattoo flash & other types of work are all open. You can DM me for info or see more examples and my rates on my site: extinctinks.net/commissions/

made a creepy peeper sticker of my gay "demon" lady Lehraj from my comic

idk i can't say i'm sold on this andrew wk game by bethesda

Gotta say it's pretty cool that it's so dead at work that I got to watch e3 even though I don't really care about any of the games I've seen so far.

av commission for @makeritualnoise@twitter.com

Two more av commissions done. For $20 I can do one of these up for you too.

Chicken tender lookin kinda like a butthole

some self-indulgent teratophilia lite smut over on my AD: @xxxinks@twitter.com