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I'm fucking hilarious, I have a massive brain, and my dick is ginormous

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reminder that im kinphobic if ur a kinnie stay 100 feet away from me at all times

you know what would be fucking epic? more bisexual representation

no offense but Fullmetal alchemist is the only anime

ive been 2 tired 2 be active on the speedy pace site that Is Mastodon add me on tumblr so we can become Tootuals there too im @extinction

i love super smash bros!! wish i could play it one day

slow and steady wins the race except its hot and sexy wins the race

i jsut got back from work what the hell did you guys DO

We buy Gucci brand chicken nuggets together and don't eat them (ASMR)

Miku is coming to inspect mastodon and yall better not be posting about grocks again.

the mastodon creators: lets make a nice social platform for fanbases to interact!!!
mastodon userbase: hehe gona put coochi juice in me bong
mastodon creators:

me: come over
demon: i cant
me: ive never made a soul binding contract before

baby shark
Do do do do do
baby shark
Do do do do do
baby shark
Do do do do do
Baby shark

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