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I'm fucking hilarious, I have a massive brain, and my dick is ginormous

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reminder that im kinphobic if ur a kinnie stay 100 feet away from me at all times

I haven't been on here in days and everyone moved to Berry space what Happened fill me in eyes emoji

I made a joke at work saying gay people are the only fun people and my coworkers immediately retorted with "straight people are fun!"

top! lesbian dr phil x alvin and the chipmunk favorite to show solidarity

no offense but Fullmetal alchemist is the only anime

ive been 2 tired 2 be active on the speedy pace site that Is Mastodon add me on tumblr so we can become Tootuals there too im @extinction

i love super smash bros!! wish i could play it one day

slow and steady wins the race except its hot and sexy wins the race

i jsut got back from work what the hell did you guys DO

We buy Gucci brand chicken nuggets together and don't eat them (ASMR)

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