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watch me fly too close to the sun. while also looking a gift horse in the mouth. the horse has been trained to count chickens before they hatch

i have a B, up from a B- and i studied like mad all day so at least i put the hours in which means im more confident about the exam. i have a couple days to solidify the things i don't know. but phew whoaaaa

maybe shes born with it
maybe its a mutation of a gene developed during puberty which needs to be taken care of by medical professionals

Chastity ordeal:
poisonous snake around girl's neck.

brain does not know if it wants to study for my final exam or if it wants to dance

this is what i use. I named her "Tobias is the Queen Mary."

yea, metal bands love naming themselves after terrible events or people or diseases or whatever but to strike fear into peoples hearts im gonna name my metal band "very angry zit inside your ear" which we all know to be the ultimate tragedy

tip for people who are new at painting nails or who wanna keep em looking good for longer: glitter colors. they look much much cleaner even if you are a bit sloppy and if they chip its not as noticeable.

my name is MO, m-o, bb
i move dinner plates to the tv
and on the weekends you can call me DM of the DND
fresh out of the trying times and now im on fire
i be the BS number one denier
smarter than the bullshit up in my brain
i am the hottest chick in the game i wear my own chain
yep MO with the ratty sweater
all those love in all those letters
no one can say it better
i go hard like mr bond in Spectre
when im reckless i eat stress for breakfast, cross the streams, fuck the prime directive

toejam and earl back in the groove
march 1

i shaved my armpits
this feels really strange. been a few years.

i feel most comfortable knowing what is expected of me n what i expect of myself. not like a robot with specific orders but i prefer to know whats up before i start to wing it. once i know, i WING IT LIKE MAD. v social but theres a specific configuration of people that are GOOD and there are BAD amounts that r usually pretty spot on re: how many people are watching me talk. i need that interpersonal expectation so i can do whats needed 4 a superior/friend/family/new/stranger/child etc etc

general comfort lvls for publicly speaking or presenting something--

1 person (superior) : ✅
1 person (peer): 🚫
2 - 8ish people: ✅
9-20 people (peers): 🚫
10 ppl (superiors):🚫
60+ ppl: ✅

nail art ppl: (akina) @btrflyknife
i wanna use the special tape block-out thingies i got at the pharmacy but i am not sure if i put em on, paint and then while still wet take them off OR if i wait for my nails to dry before taking off the tape. tried while they were tacky last night and they looked crappy maybe the essie is 2 old but who knows. also any nail art tips in general, i have medium length and they are naked rn.

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