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gonna make a movie entirely of shakycam close up shots of lizards

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yes you did need four of the exact same pic deal w it

my new dyejob means whenever i touch my hair it makes my manicure cooler

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postures to improve your confidence:
sit like how the jarls of skyrim sit on their thrones esp with one hand in flop mode. lean way the hell back and get comfy, u are a queen and a star

properly organizing my grandmas basement with a lot fewer cares in the world thank you Dr. Frownsmasher and Dr. Pillwitch

tbh i only thought of this cuz the most recent one i got done keyloided
and now i stay noided i stay noided i've seen piercings etc w/e

how come nobody makes body safe jewelry as an option for right after getting pierced that works kinda like the nuvaring it could be made of or coated in an antibacterial/calming and anti irritating thing so the healing is faster and better

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werewolf on the moon:

1. always in wolf form?

2. never in wolf form?

3. only in wolf form during full earth?

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Just a reminder to new Mastodon folks: if you want to join an instance where the only letter you can use is "e", I run and registrations are open!

how to toot:
1) post toot
2) consciously recognize the content

ive been dancing untrained for 6 months its wild difficult i cant wait for class!!
im so impressed by these guys
also the girl that does the intro spinning bicycle martial arts kick thing at 3:24 😍😍😍😍😍 HOW
a lot of my time is spent copying and watching people dance with the speed at half on youtube so yea
this shit is incrediiibllleeee and a big part of my world

but then i remember i hafta be professional

i wish i could just communicate digitally using only gifs of the emperors new groove

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working on selectively breeding a rattlesnake whose rattle sounds like a person saying "I'm gonna FUCKING bite you"

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