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baby diaper ads neg the hell out of parents wow

cant get away from waves of useless guilt. thanks a lot brain, you complete fuckboy

my harry potter podcast upd8ed fuck yea

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Hey friends could y’all do me a huuuuge favor?! This is my music YouTube.


If you guys could listen to a few songs, I’d love that. If you like it, I’d love you if you subscribed, maybe “liked” the song you liked most and maybe left a comment about what you like! If you REALLY like it, maybe show your friends?? I’m too nervous to make a post like this on my not-anonymous social media so I’m asking you guys instead! 💀

quiz show about Beyonce
hosted by Beyonce
all the contestants are Beyonce
the studio audience is Beyonce
produced by Beyonce
target audience is Beyonce
all ads are starring Beyonce
if you win you are Beyonce

abuse of legal drugs, wondering stuff Show more

the real treasure was the internet friends we made along the way

i woke up more tired than i was before i went to bed

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a b c d, e f g, h,i, j, k, LMAO p, q r s, t u v, w x , y z

its crazy hot here out in the world. goin home, getting off the bus, thanked the driver. he said "stay cool" and without thinking i snapped my fingers and pointed finger guns at him and said "you know it"
idk if im embarassed or proud of myself lol

i validate your emotions
and your parking

finding a balance between educating myself about current events without absorbing things that make me cry tears of blood

i cracked my neck while upside down
i learned:
dont crack ur neck while upside down

if i have the right music i can walk forever