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you may call it the frozen foods section but i call it the shivering aisles

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Why does Waldo only wear stripes? Because he doesn't want to be spotted.

🌹how to make herbal salve🌿 

weird metaphor: racism kinda like having a strong accent taught 2 and learned by wP. but the societal wP accent is v dangerous and oppressive so if u hear PoC "that's not ok + the cruel dialect/zone that you were taught by society is slipping through and it is hurting the people who arent as privileged" it's not always about YOU its often what yr doing bcus of the racist world. it needs to be self monitored ✨AND OWNED UP 2 AT EVERY TURN✨ relying on prejudice is ingrained in wP we must fight it ♾

Good evening to all. The stars are awfully loud tonight.

oh a link to birdsite on an important issue or topic!
(2 min later angry crying and logging back on to mastodon)

getting my grandmothers small puppy to get used to having her feet held and groomed etc usually involves me holding her paw and telling her ".. bryn. ur beans are full of beans.. good dog. good beans"

It makes no sense to me that science is so exclusionary and can be so full of elitists. At its core, science should be humbling to admit that there are so many things you don’t know

"no no no i can't draw not even a stick figure i'm horrible"
(cue me crying tears for a society that lists art forms in a hierarchy or requires levels of inane validity to be recognized and celebrated)

vmhm hm hmm hmm Venta
doo doo doo hmm hmm DOTA
a poosh a ooo be bleckblcek
moo moosh boo look do dede

stop dumping trash on the moon. eject your poo out the airlock into the void like a normal person. jeez

ppl who tell me its all in my head are gonna get all of my head against all of their head

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