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watch me fly too close to the sun. while also looking a gift horse in the mouth. the horse has been trained to count chickens before they hatch

Keep The Witchy Shit In Christmas Cuz Otherwise Its Kinda Weird And Boring

takes a special kind of mind to make a horror video game and i wanna recognize those people

so excited when im playing grand theft auto and cool song plays on the radio idk its so much more fun than actual radio

akina and i are listening to the same lo-fi hop hop study yt stream and its rly nice

ok i am going to do this lab report even though i realized right when i got home that i forgot the agar plate.... again... thats three weeks now. you know when you get so used to forgetting something its a self-forgetting-loop
yeah . lab report but with half the data.

unknowingly purchased a "scary clown" branded vape juice
like uhh good job Mo
(rips from pingu) tastes like IT

tommyjohn should go to comicon with cheech and chong

how fuckin cool would it be if phones were transparent

lab is cancelled on weds and i learned this before everyone so i am basking in telling my classmates and their camaraderie and happiness for good news its awesome. fuck yeah no lab!!!!

cold enough to wear boots, sunny enough to glow thru the treads of the soles

nagging feeling i was forgetting something:
oh yeah

am i cheerful because im on the right meds or because rah rah rasputin

looking for someone who has what it takes to join the homestarmy

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