@Gargron Hello mister how are you, I want to know If you were interested in buying Leather Jackets from me, If you buy only one Jacket from you will help me big time, I guarantee you the quality will be high and you will be satisfied, you help will be appreciated to the fullest, If you decide to buy only one Jacket from me I promise to give you 20% discount + free shipping along with a small gift from me with love.
Thank you so much sir.

when i turn 25 i will feel weird for several weeks before and after and constantly listen to 25! by bomb the music industry

if i dont say im slightly more okay with my homework level and i hold my breath over the bridge then it wont fall down

I just released my latest remix of Oneohtrix Point Never

"I Bite Through It (psych out rmx)"

please listen and share


i have never bomped my funny bone and was feeling left out and my friend had to scream at me to stop ramming my elbow into their kitchen wall

Staring at someone for a long time and then gagging suddenly is a really cool icebreaker I learned from my dog

vaping causes acne ™️
there i saved The Youth

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