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A little Bangalore poem I wrote was just published in a little San Francisco magazine. Read 'The Old Woman of the City, Keeper of its Soul' here (and tell me what you think!):

A little Bangalore poem I wrote was just published in a little San Francisco magazine. Read 'The Old Woman of the City, Keeper of its Soul' here (and tell me what you think!):

Lovely interview of @bijal on writing, reading, kiddie lit and generally being awesome. (If you haven't read A Cloud Called Bhura, you should. So many resonances with the very real climate catastrophe that we're going through.)

Jodhpuri hing, powerful but far more subtle than the asafoetida available in Delhi. Poor quality hing smells like old sweat; this has a rich, savoury, banquet-worthy scent, strong but not at all unpleasant, with a humming gold and umami basenote running through.

From To Kill A Mockingbird, Scout on the scent of Calpurnia's church:

"Hearts of Love hairdressing mingled with asafoetida, snuff, Hoyt's Cologne, Brown's Mule, peppermint, and lilac talcum..."

Children’s Day: Kids Talk Night Raids, Detentions & Curfew: Kashmir’s New Normal?

"We feel depressed. We wake up to the news of death. This person died, that person died, someone lost their eyesight. My brothers lost their eyesight due to pellet injuries. They went outside but look at what happened. Others have been picked up and detained. There is a special jail for just minors."

Javed*, Student, Class 6

What sort of a morons we became to do this to the kids?

Despite what Twitter has become, lots of nice things happened there too.

One tradition in the Indian Twittersphere was , where on the day we call Children's Day, we changed our DPs to photos of us as babies or children.

May we all not lose touch with that sense of wonder, the huge range of possibilities ahead for us. And do our best to give this to our children, to all children.

Happy Children's Day! Two questions:

1) What's the first children's book you remember reading, by a non-white writer / illustrator?

2) Which children's film (made for a younger audience, or featuring children in the central roles) made you completely reassess the way you viewed the world or your idea of childhood?

Mine are as follows:

1) 'Stories from Panchatantra', adapted by Shiv Kumar Batalvi and Pulak Biswas.

2) 'Stand by Me' by Rob Reiner, and Ray's "Two":

Trust Mastodon's users to remind you that it's . (I wish we had a Kindness Index for countries and that world leaders met at summits to discuss the Kindness Deficit and the importance of developing a Gross National Kindness Index!)

What's your favourite memory of receiving or witnessing an act of kindness?

And what's the kindest thing you've done for yourself recently? Just curious.

"Civil Rights-era feminist safe spaces functioned as what social movement scholars have called free spaces, “small-scale settings within a community or movement that are removed from the direct control of dominant groups, are voluntarily participated in, and generate the cultural challenge that precedes or accompanies political mobilization”

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New users from #india, please take note of content warnings! Some things people want to have put behind content warnings are: discussions of suicide, mental health, physical health, sex, gross stuff, NSFW stuff, food, politics, personal stuff, etc. Generally when you are not sure whether to put it behind a CW or not it is better to do it than not. You can also use it as a subject-line like for an email. The button is found along the bottom (see screenshot), and a box appears above the toot.

Another legendary man died yesterday: bureaucrat PS Krishnan, known for doggedly working for SC/STs and the underprivileged from within the system. Also, this is a wonderfully observed obituary.

"After listening to him speak at a meeting, a top bureaucrat told others in the room that Krishnan was very intelligent despite being a Dalit. When some officers pointed out that Krishnan wasn’t a Dalit, the same bureaucrat said this explained his intelligence."

Hello! (And help!) I'm new here, and I have no idea how any of this works. -- I'm a writer, illustrator and musician based in , . I work with publishing companies (kidlit / YA in particular) and beer brands (mainly Geist atm, but several others in the past). I write fiction, and I play the blues. Namaskaram!


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