for context this is the comparison of the raw and final version in . Its the smaller adjustments that sells a color shift like this. (and I am not this heavy handed with my photography all the time)

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Its friday, so no photography today. Instead,
a work from my "Human Algorithms" series.

Acrylic and markers on canvas.

You can see more art from the same series at

Still because I edit photographs of my paintings in (lens correction and keystoning are lifesavers)

The same stray cat from before, taking a break on grass. Its tiring work to stalk cameras after all.
2005, Istanbul, Turkey
(and I promise, landscapes are back starting tomorrow :D)

Edited using , in

Darktable photography geekery 

So apparently some sneaky magic with RGB channels can be a good tool for filtering out the noise further. It doesn't quite work in all images but still this will be useful when continuing to process these aurora images.

Ok now I am really going back to website things.


I don't claim with a smartphone isn't challenging. It is! For one thing, using a device that caps at 2700ISO means I often have no idea what I am shooting until I see the photo.

Feb. 2017, . .# LG-V10. Edited with , in .

I might actually be done with this website tonight? Maybe? Hopefully?

and yes, the obvious question being why on earth I am hand-coding a portfolio website in 2017. (Answer: Things too clunky, things too hard to install, this artist is not fond of ruby - nothing personal.)

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