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day 6: "sword"

yesterday's #inktober drawing went sideways so here is a quick sketch of a sword. (I used colored pencils in addition to pens and markers. I don't even know when I last used those. years probably?)


...and done! and completed within one hour as well! #inktober2017 day 4: underwater

thanks to @Curator and everyone else who has dropped by to keep me company :) #inktober #artober

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starting with the #inktober drawing

Come and keep me company while I draw. :)

with any hope this will be done within an hour but we'll see. :)

still #libreMonday I guess.

#siril [ ] all in one tool for astrophotography. It can do noise and vignet reduction using dark, bias frames etc. It can align images using different strategies depending on what you are aligning and stack images. While it works with .fits / .ser files, it will convert your .tiff and .jpeg images to these formats. (for the other direction #gimp can open and convert .fits files)

For wide angle photos that has too many stars and lens distortion, #hugin works better, but for portrait and telephoto details with few or no stars I use Siril. Siril is also useful for using darks/bias noise reduction if you have those frames in hand. :)

...and this is my backup account. its where you can find me on the unlikely case where is down. Rest of the time it boosts some of the art posts when I remember to do so.

Livestream starting now. Will be a short one probably, just enough for me to draw a quick illustration.

Come join, and watch me struggle. ;D

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going to be livestreaming in a little bit. inktober is on the plans, then I might or might not do some #humanalgorithms afterwards (probably not through, as there is fair bit of digital work and writing that needs doing as well)

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