My bike got new shoes and gloves for my birthday 🙂

Left click button on my mouse stopped worked. Changed the settings so the right click is the main click. I wonder how much I'll be suffering from motor memory.

It took 1,5 hours to M to sleep last night. And this morning they woke up at 5. But yeah, sleep training is going great!

Spent 2 hours as remote IT support for my dad without solving the problem 😫

Why oh why won't Outlook 2010 connect to Gmail!?

Commuting 1.5 hours for a 10 minute meeting. The meeting was worth it though, money stretch a bit further over summer.

Picked up today, and am surprised by how smooth it’s gone so far. (Does this mean that I’m actually starting to pick up on js frameworks?! )

That was a big day. Now tomorrow is Mother’s Day (here in France at least), and I haven’t prepared anything 😕

Finished my progressively enhances mobile web menu at midnight. Sleep trained M, who normally wakes up at 5, pushed it to 7:20 (new record!) with 3 or 4 wake up and cry’s during the night, kids are doing yoga now, and then we’re heading to the pump-track before lunch and M’s sleep.
I have no idea how I manage all of this. And that’s just a small part of everything my wife does!

Only took me 1/2 hour to get to the right command to fix and start the database. Now I can do some actual front-end !

About to do some coding for once, building a responsive hamburger menu. But first I have to figure out what's wrong with the database. Again :(

I found the mat. Stretched. It was very good. 5 stars.

I should probably do some stretching after all that biking, but relaxing on the sofa is much more tempting. And I can’t find my yoga mat. Can’t stretch without a mat, right?

Did a big sporting day today. 40 km mountain ride on the electric bike. First up on a mountain and then down the whole length of the valley. I’ve never done that before, so I got to link up lots of sections and explore some new parts. I feel that good kind of tired now.

But I still have to tidy the house after kids being home all day.

I’ve started answering spam calls now, to practice my French 😁 ?

First summer in our new house, and I love having this field of flowers right behind us. With the loud sound of the river next by, it’s the perfect place for getting children asleep in no time.

Apparently it’s today. I wonder if my 5yo is ready for the Hitchhikers Guide 😎📘

It's so nice when I take the time to give my children all my attention. They love it! ❤️

Romance is still alive.
My wife and I spent this rare child-free day budgeting and planning for the next 3 months.

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We do things not because they are easy, but because we thought they were going to be easy.

I didn’t get any (paid) work done today, but I went through a long list of frogs. The biggest one being finally sending that email that’s been bothering me since last year 😐

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